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Decades-old movies top box office in Covid-19 world

Old classics like Jaws, Jurassic Park and E.T. are keeping the box office alive as new blockbusters are being held back.

As crime rises, Trump uses it for 2020 campaign; worse under Joe Biden

Even though crime has risen under his watch, Donald Trump is using it to put fear in a Joe Biden world.

Whole food healthy chocolate treat recipes you can’t resist

Who doesn't love chocolate? But we know what havoc it can do to our bodies so here are 3 amazing whole food chocolate treat recipes that feel decadent without all the guilt.

Movie theaters on the brink as blockbusters held back

As theaters struggle to stay open during Covid-19, many can't go on without studio blockbusters.

‘The Boys’ Season 2 scoop, Aisha Tyler, plus Season 3 coming

Eric Kripke and The Boys cast talking about Season 2 at Comic-Con along with getting a Season 3 and after-show with Aisha Tyler.

How to resolve iPhone error 4013 at Home

When that scary Error 4013 message pops up on your Apple iPhone, don't worry. All is not lost with these easy steps to fix it.

Trump Administration: If Confederate flag goes, so does gay Pride flag

Donald Trump has decided that if the Confederate flag is pulled from military bases, the gay Pride flag must go too.

America knocked out of Privacy Shield by EU top court

America was blocked from Privacy Shield in a European Union court ruling fearing the US would be snooping.

Celebs Who Invested In Video Games

High profile celebrities have been investing big bucks in the video game industry including Drake, Ashton Kutcher and Michael Jordan.

‘Star Trek’s’ Robert Picardo talks about his Brent Spiner video

Robert Picardo talks about his spoof video Why Was I Not Born Brent Spiner and Star Trek.

Donald Trump’s overflowing swamp as approval continues to drop

Former Donald Trump administration staffers are raking in money from Covid-19 and Fox News forced to admit cropping out on Jeffrey Epstein story.

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