10 Best Destinations for a Beach Holiday in Winter

For true travelers, any trip is an opportunity to look at the world from a different angle, reconsider their tastes, and try something new and unexplored. This article will show you the best beach destinations you never knew existed.

Here are our top vacation dream destinations.

beautiful beaches in indonesia

Philippines: thousands of paradise islands

The Philippines is a perfect country for a beach holiday in winter. All 7000 islands of it have gathered all possible types of resort leisure in them. Want some active holiday? Then try diving, surfing, kiting, mountain climbing, or the underground river tour. The choice of the resort depends on your preferences: Boracay, a party maker’s paradise, a respectable Cebu, a family Bohol, or the surfing island of Siargao.

An exotic kaleidoscope of Indonesia

This is one of the cheap beach destinations where endless summer meets the luxury beaches and azure ocean. Indonesia has a lot of exotic surprises up its sleeve for its guests: hundreds of volcanoes, endless tea plantations and emerald rice terraces, ancient temple complexes, and the wild jungle surrounding them.

dominican republic amazing beach holidays

The endless romance of the Dominican Republic

This is how we usually imagine a paradise vacation in the Caribbean: white beaches, coconut palms, elegantly bending over them, and the sea. This is the Dominican Republic, a cozy, romantic corner for a beach holiday in January. The most popular spot in the country is Punta Cana beach.

beautiful beach holidays in cubaColorful Cuba

Enjoy the famous Caribbean lifestyle on the luxurious beaches of the Varadero Resort, sipping Cuba Libre. Immerse in the atmosphere of an endless holiday and dance hot salsa with the prettiest women in America. Be sure to visit the colorful Havana and take a ride on one of those vintage cars, going back in time for a few hours. Cube is a popular destination for post-Soviet travelers. So, aside from Russian singles online, you can meet some of them there!

Tenerife, Spain best beach holiday destinationsTenerife, Spain – an island of eternal spring

If you’re used to beach destinations in Europe, but you haven’t had a chance to visit them in summer, don’t be sad! It’s time to take a trip to the Spanish island of Tenerife, where winter doesn’t exist. The highlight of its coast is its black beaches, the sand for which was brought straight from the mouth of the Teide volcano thousands of years ago. Rent a car and go exploring the cozy towns like La Orotava, or just ride around the island, enjoying the stunning scenery!

The Eastern luxury of Dubai, UAE

A true oriental fairytale in modern interpretation awaits you at the most famous resort of the Persian Gulf in Dubai. Here you can relax both on the public beaches and in the luxurious beach clubs, with a lot of water activities besides cafes and restaurants.

The relaxed atmosphere of Goa, India

Goa is one of the few beach honeymoon destinations that combine several important factors: a wonderful climate that allows you to rest here even in winter, a curious exotic nature, and quite democratic prices. South Goa is more suitable for lovers of peace and quiet, while the north part of the country is the center of social life.

paradise islands thailand hottest beach holiday destinationsParadise Islands of Thailand

Thailand is another great destination for winter holidays. Pattaya is the closest and most active Thai resort. Besides, it’s the best spot for those, who enjoy various tours (from here, you can visit the Kwai River, neighboring Cambodia, ancient Buddhist temples, and much more).

The tea island of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a holiday in every sense of the word. Here you won’t find large hotels and noisy parties. Despite its modest size, Sri Lanka abounds is full of resorts and is one of the top beach destinations for a holiday in winter. Romantic Bentota, tourist Hikkaduwa, sports Kalutara or Vaduva – the choice is yours.

Langkawi, Malaysia best beach holiday destinations Mysterious island of Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a choice of the most sophisticated tourists or those who just want to go somewhere on the edge of the world. The main highlight of the island is its unique untouched nature. In the tropical jungle, you’ll find rare species of plants and animals or explore hidden caves.

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