‘The Walking Dead’ 706 I Swear it was a very weak episode

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Swear Recap Review

Before I dive into Swear, let me get this out of the way. This episode 6 was a weak effort on the part of The Walking Dead.

You know it, and I know it.

These Oceansiders will no doubt come back into play when it’s time to go to war with Negan, but a full episode with Tara featured was a letdown.

And even if these women do end up helping dethrone the king of the new world, clearly they need to practice their shooting skills first. It looked like an episode of The A-Team the way Tara avoided getting shot when she wandered into their little village.

the walking dead 706 i swear it was a very weak episode 2016 images

Swear was set up to make it appear like these females could have been the wives of the group of Saviors that Team Grimes killed at the satellite outpost. That turned out not to be the case in the end as we learned the Saviors were actually responsible for killing all the menfolk in the group. Including boys over the age of 10.

The women decided they had seen enough and bounced to their secluded locale by the sea.

Of course, we saw how Tara got washed ashore there in the first place. She and Heath had been scavenging on the road for the couple weeks during which the Saviors wreaked havoc on Rick’s crew.

The two got separated when they investigated a bridge and Tara couldn’t resist digging in the sand. “Something good might be in there,” Tara said. Nope just a pile of sandmen walkers who rose up after her curiosity got the best of her.

It looked like Heath just left her behind in a hopeless situation, as she was being attacked on the railing.

Tara lived, of course, hence her stay in the women-only village. Though she was nearly capped by a little girl who was anxious to get her first kill, on a human at least.

Cyndie, the granddaughter of the village leader, helped Tara out with some water and food. That lead to Tara sneaking around the colony and getting shot at repeatedly. But even at close range, with multiple shooters, she was unharmed. B.A. Baracus would have been pleased with the harmless gunplay.

She was eventually caught, though. But the leader decided to be honest with Tara, which allowed Tara to open up on the real as well. Her fishing boat tale had fallen apart anyways.

walking dead tara hiding swear

Tara was allowed to leave with an escort so she could search for her friend. But she decided to run away as soon as there was a walker distraction. After a lengthy monologue from one of her escorts about the Saviors being the killers of the menfolk, Cyndie once again saves Tara.

Where the other escort wandered off to, who knows. Another weak point in Swear.

the walking dead 706 swear walkers

So Cyndie stayed with Tara all the way across the bridge she had fallen from. There had to be 30 zombies in her path. But Tara somehow lived through all that to find Heath’s glasses broken beside some car tracks where he had been nabbed apparently.

BTW, here’s a few things that were more likely than a clearly out of shape Tara making across that bridge filled with bobbers:

  • Eugene turning into a hero.

  • Abe coming back for season 8.

  • Maggie marrying Negan.

  • Carl getting a buzz cut.

  • Michonne winning Olympic gold as a shooter.

As for the “PPP” card Tara finds, your guess is good as mine. Could be related to the lettering the grunts have to wear at Negan’s main hub. Could be an inside thing between Tara and Heath for all we know.

Despite having no cardio stamina and being in two of the most unrealistic walker escape scenes in TWD history, Tara made it safely back to Alexandria.

Too bad she had to hear about her girlfriend’s death at the tracks, along with the bashing of Abraham and Glenn.

And when the chips are down, Tara does a good thing by keeping her word to Cyndie about returning there. Rosita wanted to know of any gun stockpiles she may have learned about.

We’ll see if lying to Rosita was the best thing, even if Tara’s intentions were good.

Besides, the Saviors just rolled up and took all their weapons last time when they visited. No reason to think that wouldn’t happen with a new stockpile. Especially with Rick too afraid to piss off the maniacal Negan by hiding guns.

I’m still betting on a different tactic against Negan in the long run anyway. I just don’t see a regular gun battle being the best option.

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As I mentioned about last week’s episode, it’s beginning to understand why ratings for The Walking Dead are tanking, but hopefully, it can redeem this wandering season. Next week’s episode is called ‘Sing Me A Song,” so check out the trailer and sneak peek videos above.