‘The Walking Dead’ 702 Well Carol has a new suitor with King Ezekiel

the walking dead 702 well carol has a suitor in king ezekiel 2016 images

'The Walking Dead' 702 Well Carol has a new suitor with King Ezekiel 2016 images

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 The Well Recap Review

This week’s The Walking Dead was like halftime of a nasty football game that left a pile of players on the injury golf cart during the first half of play.

We needed a break from the gore and violence of episode one. And “The Well” gave us just that.

Sure “The Kingdom” seems like an unrealistic place. Yet it did allow for some moments of happiness for the audience who can choose to believe in the fairy tale that King Ezekiel is spinning.

The open saw Carol and Morgan being led by the horsemen to the colony known as The Kingdom. Remember Carol was hurt by a group of Saviors at the end of last year, and Morgan ended up saving her. And a new band of warriors showed up to help them both.

the walking dead carol in cart

Carol awoke in the middle of a Walker battle, and she was quite confused, seeing things that were not there. Like regular humans that were really zombies.

These Kingdom folk are very efficient fighters and have set up quite a colony. Not that Carol is impressed. Sure the pet tiger of the king was hard for her to dismiss, but she still had no plans on staying there for long.

the walking dead morgan pushing carol in wheelchair 702

As soon as she was able to travel, she planned to bounce. While Morgan seems distanced from his philosophy, he still tries to convince her that this place is real and they should give it a chance.

She just wants to be alone. What she won’t admit is that wherever she goes, she can’t hide from herself and what this world has made her.

I had guessed that Ezekiel must have been an actor of some sort for him to have come up with this old school king act. I was correct as usual. Dude was a former zookeeper who happened to do community theater.

Good qualities that don’t seem to fit in a survival situation. Still, he’s smart enough to use the skills that he has. He molded himself into a leader that would resonate with the people.

Having a pet tiger didn’t hurt. Who’s gonna question the authority of a man with a tiger on a leash?

We see everything isn’t so rosy at The Kingdom, however.

These folks have to deal with the Saviors too. And they are shown slopping the hogs with Walkers as food. Seems pretty nasty. But they are not eating these pigs apparently. They are set aside only for the Saviors who take their “protection payment” in the form of food.

the walking dead 702 well negans gang

The transaction didn’t go very well, even though Zeke and his people did exactly as the Saviors commanded. A young punk got in the face of one of the king’s top men, named Richard. That led to a fight which Richard was winning, then was forced to stand down by the king. So the punk proceeded to mash his face in a bit before the Savior’s left.

Morgan has fit in immediately and is asked by Ezekiel to train a young lad named Benjamin. The kid isn’t good with any other weapons, so maybe the staff will suit him with a few lessons.

I fear that this Yoda / Luke situation will end badly for Benjamin. He has borrowed Morgan’s book and could find it hard to kill after he reads it, even when there is no choice.

Morgan was convinced to train him when Ezekiel told him he admired his willingness not to kill.

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The second meeting between Carol and Zeke was very cool. He laid all his cards on the table. She knew he was a fake and he knew she was pretending to be someone else too. He was fake in a good way though.

This former zookeeper was the leader these people needed at the time. His biggest show of leadership came as a result of being kind to a wounded tiger when he was a zookeeper. The animal was forever loyal since that time, and the loyalty has spread to his tribe.

Dude knows a lot about human psychology. Pretty helpful in any scenario. Cubicle drama or zombie infested cities.

Carol can’t be convinced to stay inside the city walls. She does take the “go and still stay” offer from the king. The run-down house she chose was infested with a pest she had to evict though.

At the very least Carol is not out in the world on her own.

She would not last very long of course. Not that someone else might get the drop on her. But she would likely just waste away since she is at the low point in her post-apocalypse life.

the walking dead 702 well screen shots

What I got out of the second episode of TWD season seven:

  • Shiva > Lucille

  • There are endless amounts of colonies that can be created by the showrunners going forward. We’ve seen three impressive places in the past few episodes. The Kingdom, the Hilltop Colony, and the Saviors’ expansive territory.

  • Ezekiel can pull this act off with the characters he leads and with the viewing audience. It works.

  • Carol isn’t gonna save Rick and the rest of his people like she did with the Terminites. It will take more than one big explosion to get shed of the Saviors.

  • King Ezekiel definitely has a thing for Carol and he used the pomegranite for some great symbolism talking about sweetness on the inside surrounded by some bitter taste.
  • For all you shippers out there #CarolKing is the much better name for them over #EzeCarol. Hell use that music too to solidify it completely, I doubt the real Carol King would mind.
the walking dead 703 the cell

Next week, it looks like we’ll be watching the torture of Daryl Dixon. Hopefully, that won’t last the entire seventh season, but I’ve endured it before on Game of Thrones when Theon was mutilated and beaten by Ramsay.

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The Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick had his chance to play lap Tiger to Negan actor Khary Payton. Sad, as the seasons progress, it feels like he’s trying too hard to be as cool and fun as The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. He’s failing miserably and lately, is just making me cringe.

talking dead chris harwick with negan in tiger head

The difference being that The Walking Dead Daryl is much more lovable than Game of Thrones Theon, of course.