Unfollow the Crowd With Classic PF Flyers

This post brought to you by PF Flyers. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Movie TV Tech Geeks.

Readers of Movie TV Tech Geeks News know that we march to the beat of our own drum, and our amazing writers are able to find an angle to the hot news stories that other outlets have missed. This is also in the cool tech gadgets we choose to review and why we have a category called ‘Cool Stuff Reviews.’

This category is for things that don’t quite fit into our normal areas but are something that we feel our readers will want to know about. Plus we love breaking new trends, even if it’s something like PF Flyers, which have been around for a long time but are swinging back into the mainstream consciousness. I wore my dad’s pair when I was a in high school, and after my mom threw them out during one of her cleaning binges, felt they were gone forever.

PF Flyers have been around since 1937 and went through some ups and downs after hitting a high peak in 1971. New Balance knowing something unique was up when they appeared in the family friendly movie “The Sandlot” were quick to purchase the company and pull it out of relative obscurity.

When I heard that they were back, I quickly purchased the same style that my dad had, the Center Hi in black that proudly displays it’s ‘Made In USA’ logo. They’re high top made out of pure quality canvas material with solid rubber bumpers for when you kick something a little harder than you expect.

In pure style that only PF Flyers can do, the white rubber sole is in marked contrast to the deep black canvas, and there is a hand drawn black line traced into the soles. It’s those little details that make all the difference and why these shoes easily stand the test of time. While at first glance, the Flyers look long and narrow making you wonder if they’ll fit, but once you’ve slid your feet inside, you’ll know you’ve come home.

driving with pf flyers 2015Once you’ve put them on, you really feel the magic as the Posture Foundation insole makes your feet feel like they’re walking on those magic pillows that adjust to your body. This makes these shoes the perfect ones for those long hikes or just wanting to go for a long walk in the city. New York City can be tough on your feet with many sidewalks cracked, but you won’t notice as I’ve gone for three-hour walks from the Upper West Side down to Soho, and my feel didn’t feel the distance. The sole is thick enough to not feel rocks, and the rubber (believe it or not BF Goodrich, the tire company originally created these shoes) hugs the pavement like the tires on a high end car.

Because of the soft quality canvas body, PF Flyers are able to adjust to different sized feet which makes them perfect for nearly everyone looking for comfort while also standing out. We call that the ‘Unfollow the Crowd’ look, which is also a similar motto for our website and why I’m very proud to write about these shoes whether they sponsoring it or not.

Another impressive thing was when my PF Flyers arrived, everything was all about style, even the box they came in. Just taking the lid off the box was exciting as the quality of the box was really nice, and then they included a cotton bag to put your shoes in when you’re not using them, saving them from getting scuffed up. As there are many collectors of high quality sneakers out there, the Made In USA style is for you as they will be very valuable in the near future. Since the Made in USA are custom made, you’re getting that incredible PF Flyers comfort and feel with an added touch of extra style. Who wouldn’t love that extra flair?

If you’re like us and like having your own personal style, you should check out their website and find one of the many styles that fit your own sense of self. Check out PF Flyers on Tumblr or just shop now.

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