Ubertub Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

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Rubber tubes will never go out of style, but sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit, just to keep them from being boring. Then came Ubertub, a new and modified take on the classic rubber inner tubes that we grew up with and have grown to love over the years.

How Much?

The availability of the Ubertub is still unannounced as of this date, and so is the price.

Who Would Buy The Ubertub?

This rubber inner tube is designed for people of all ages. Adults that want to relive their childhood playing with these tubes will definitely want to have one. Parents that want their children to discover the joys of tubing will also want to purchase an Ubertub. Even those who are simply looking for a fun activity to share with groups of friends will not hesitate to try the Ubertub.

ubertub 2015 best holiday kids toys geeksThings We Like About The Ubertub

The design of the Ubertub is not too far from the classic rubber inner tube that we became familiar with. However, it comes with modifications that are meant to improve the experience. For example, the valve has been designed so it will not stick out and be an inconvenience, poking at you while you are in the water. Although the valve components are all enclosed, managing them is easy, thanks to the easy-grip cap that it comes with.

You do not have to worry about the rubber breaking down on you or causing you harm, because it is durable and made of 100% non-toxic material. It is not plastic, so it is completely safe. Since it is durable, usage is not limited to the water alone. You may also take it out for some wild snow action during the winter!

And who doesn’t love a colorful rubber inner tube? Enough of the boring black tubes, Ubertub is available in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. You may also personalize or customize the design, using the available rubber patches that you can just stick on the tube itself.

Things We Did Not Like About The Ubertub

Right now, we cannot think of anything that we dislike about the Ubertub. When it comes out and details of the price are released, check this space again.


Details of the warranty and guarantee terms for Ubertub are yet unreleased, although we are aware that the manufacturer offers a replacement warranty when the product is destroyed or damaged.

Is The Ubertub Worth The Money?

You cannot put a price on having a memorable time with friends and family, and since the Ubertub is useful in making that happen, that makes it very much worth the expense.

kids playing on ubertub 2015 hottest holiday toysWhere Can I Buy The Ubertub?

You may purchase Ubertub directly from the manufacturers. However, if you are looking for great deals, Amazon is an excellent site to check out. They offer discounts and price cuts, and will even let you purchase the product and save on shipping and handling, thanks to their Free Shipping promo! Check here often because prices always change through the holiday season.

Final Thoughts For The Ubertub

Re-introduce your kids to the wild and fun activity of playing with rubber inner tubes with the Ubertub! This is one classic toy that you can enjoy with your friends and the whole family.