Slime Baff Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

Kids Playing In All New Slime Baff 2015 hottest kids toys


For many, bathing in slime may not be the most appealing idea, but if you are a child, the idea is one that denotes something fun. Just by sprinkling the powder called Slime Baff on bath water, you can turn it into gooey and fun slime, which can spell a magical bath time for you and your child!

How Much?

A box of Slime Baff costs $6.11 to $7.00 and this is already enough for one use. You may also get the bigger box, which is enough for two uses for around $9.00.

Who Would Buy The Slime Baff?

It is a fact that not all children relish the idea of taking a bath. It is actually something that they dread. Parents always look for ways to make the experience fun for their kids, so they will look forward to it. They purchase bath toys and various characters for the kids to play with while in the water. With the Slime Baff, they are letting their kids experience something different, and surprisingly fun.

Boy Playing With Blue Slime Baff 2015 hottest xmas kids toysThings We Like About The Slime Baff

Although we are talking of slime – even actually bathing in slime! – we are still assured that it is completely safe. It has been formulated as a non-toxic powder and also environmentally-friendly, so the water will not cause any damage to the environment.

The color is also formulated in such a way that it will not cause stain on carpets, clothes and even bath tubs. They can be easily washed off and will not leave any marks.

Slime Baff is very simple and easy to use. The box contains a bag of the Slime Powder and an instruction leaflet – that’s it. There is no need for dissolvers, because you can already turn the powder into slime just by adding water.

Since it is available in three colors – blue, red and green – bath time will also become a colorful experience! In fact, you can even try experimenting by mixing colors!

Things We Did Not Like About The Slime Baff

Some people may find that it takes a bit of practice to get the right consistency for the gooey slime. At first, some may end up with sticky chunks and clumps. That’s all right, with a little more practice, you will find the right amount of water to get the slimy texture that you want.


Right now, Gelli Baff has not released any guarantee or warranty information for this product.

Is The Slime Baff Worth The Money?

All things considered, anything that will turn a mundane activity into something that children will actually look forward to in great anticipation is worth the money!

Boy and Girl Playing With Green Slime Baff in Bath 2015 hottest kids toysWhere Can I Buy The Slime Baff?

Slime Baff can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Gelli Baff. You may also look for it in various online marketplaces. The best store, however, would be Amazon. Not only will you get the best prices for Slime Baff on this site, you may also take advantage of various perks, such as discounts and Free Shipping. Check here for your best prices as they’ll keep changing through the holiday season.

Final Thoughts For The Slime Baff

Turn bath time to fun time for you and your child with the Slime Baff!