TOTAL DIVAS 401: Diva Divide Baby Fever

total divas divide season 4 2015

total divas season 4 imagesOn tonight’s season premiere of Total Divas Paige and Naomi met Natalya, the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox at a restaurant. They talked about Nikki and Brie leaving the WWE to pursue other interests. Nikki  said that the other divas wanted her and Brie gone because they want to be in the position the twins are in the company/

Natalya met with WWE executives about the Bella Twins leaving and Natayla pitched a new idea for her character, that was going to be a dominatrix. She found out Eva is being trained to take over the position of the Bella Twins when they leave the company.

Eva Marie was put into a program with Brian Kendrick to retrain her after her surgery. She said that she and her husband Jonathan are now in a better place than they were last season. The divas found out Eva lied to them and told them she was being retrained at NXT in Florida but she is actually being trained in California. Nikki said she gave up her personal life for WWE  but Eva Marie has not. Paige said Eva Marie has the easiest Divas career Paige has ever seen.

total divas 401 recap imagesNikki and Brie confronted WWE executives about Eva Marie. He offered Nikki and Brie different contracts than they had and that they were reconsidering wanting to leave the company.

Eva Marie said her body was in shock from training and said she felt beat down and defeated. Natalya went to a sex shop with Naomi and Jimmy Uso to get ideas for the dominatrix gimmick she wants to do. She looked at whips and tried on a pair of plastic black boots. Then a dominatrix came to visit Natalya at home. Natalya’s mom unexpectedly came over while the dominatrix was there, After spending some time with the woman Natalya wasn’t as convinced that she could pull off the dominatrix act based on what she saw a real one do.

Nikki met with her mom to discuss her desire to move on from the WWE and her mom discouraged her from doing so. Paige said she was annoyed with Eva Marie because so many other women would love to be in her position as a WWE diva, which Paige didn’t think Eva Marie cared about. Naomi said she thought the other divas were actually jealous of Eva Marie.

In training Eva Marie said she was nervous about learning the standard moves used in a wrestling match. She told Jonathan she was frustrated because she wasn’t learning the moves as fast as she wanted to. She also mentioned that she knew the other divas have a problem with her. Eva Marie said that she wants to become the best WWE diva ever.

Nikki told Brie that they should both wait a few more years before quitting the WWE. Brie told Nikki that just because she was having mixed feelings didn’t mean that Brie shared those feelings. Lilian Garcia pulled Nikki aside and asked her about the gossip surrounding Eva Marie.

Backstage at RAW, Brie confronted Eva Marie about her training. Eva Marie said the drama among the divas was becoming too petty and that she wanted to address everyone the same way when it comes to dealing with the drama. Nikki said there was no place she’d rather be than in a WWE ring and that she wanted to stay and help grow the divas division. Brie said she was happy for Nikki but she still didn’t want to stay in the WWE. Eva Marie confronted the other divas and was told she needed to state why she was upset. She said the negativity among them is insane and that she doesn’t understand the animosity towards her. Alicia Fox told Eva Marie she wasn’t going to sit there and waste her time on her. Brie confronted Eva Marie for saying the divas were tearing her down. Eva Marie then got angry and stormed off.