Top 10 Tech Gifts for Women: Christmas 2015

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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Women Christmas 2015 imagesBlack Friday is over, and it seems like Cyber Monday was just here, but the Christmas holiday season is in full swing. While some people still don’t realize that women can be just as big a tech geeks as men, that’s a big misconception…we just make better-looking geeks. With that in mind, there are tons of innovative tech gadgets hitting the market. However, it can sometimes be a challenge picking out the right ones for the women in your life. Therefore, I thought I would offer a list of 10 tech gadgets that have my stamp of approval come holiday season.

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Ringly is a start-up company based in New York that has created wearable rings that can connect to your smartphone. Through a downloadable app, you can customize the ring to vibrate and/or light up in different colors to alert for various events (such as a specific person texting/calling you, a notification from Facebook, a new Tweet from so-and-so, etc.).

new cogito smart fit 2015 images

Cogito FIT Smartwatch

Unlike Samsung and Apple’s smartwatches, the Cogito FIT smartwatch is designed to fit in perfectly with your everyday outfit. The watch boasts about its ability to provide you all the “essential notifications” you would hope to receive from a smartwatch. In addition, the watch uses Bluetooth Smart technology, meaning that it powers itself using your phone battery, but don’t worry the phone will also let you know when its time to charge up your phone. The watch also includes a fitness tracker that counts steps and monitors and graphs your fitness data for you.

Not only is the watch sleeker than its competitors, but it also comes to you at a lower price point.

withings aura sleep top tech gifts for women 2015

Withings Aura

The  Withings Aura was created to help you fall asleep by providing white noise, and a specific red light spectrum that’s emitted as you begin sleeping. The sleep-aid also tracks such things as your REM, your light, and your deep sleep patterns. It also includes various settings and an alarm clock feature that can be set up through your smartphone. The alarm of the aura calculates the ideal time to begin the process of projecting light and sounds in order to wake you up right on time. Thus, easing you into a new day (which is a nice contrast to the ordinary alarm clock).

goprong iphone case top tech women 2015

Goprong iPhone Case

Who doesn’t find themselves searching for a phone cord at some point or another? This is the problem that the company Prong set out to solve with their iPhone GoProng case. Their product is the “world’s first phone case that incorporates a wall-plug directly in it”. The GoProng will ensure you are never stranded with a dead phone again.

mr coffee optimal top tech gadgets for women

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker (App-Controlled)

The  Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker enables you to have steaming hot coffee ready for you before you even get out of bed. By connecting to a downloadable app on your smartphone, you can schedule when you want your coffee to start brewing and monitor your coffee’s status to make sure its ready by the time you get to the kitchen. It’ll make Monday mornings just a bit more bearable.

aether cone speaker top tech toys for women

Aether Cone Speaker

The cone is marketed as the “first speaker to actually think.” From the minute you begin using it, the cone picks up on your habits and preferences when it comes to music. It also gives you free access to Rdio’s library of over 30 million songs, 25,000 podcasts and thousands of internet radio stations. The product’s site uses the example of the Cone’s learning pattern with:

“Its 7 AM on a Tuesday I am reading the paper. Cone knows to play something bluesy.”

This speaker will get you away from the next button on your playlist, as it tries to predict what you are in the mood to listen to. Of course, the speaker is wireless and incredibly sleek.

polaroid zip tech gadgets for women 2015

Polaroid Zip

Using Bluetooth, the Polaroid Zip allows you to print off your mobile phone or tablet in less than 60 seconds. The best thing about the product is that it uses “ZINK” technology, which means that it can provide full-color pictures without using any ink cartridges, ribbons or toner. This is appealing, as it is usually the ink that begins adding up quickly when it comes to these kind of products. Instagram pictures won’t just be for Instagram anymore.

zuta pocket printer holiday tech gadgets for women

Zuta Pocket Printer

If this product actually works properly, it is definitely one to add to your holiday shopping list. The Zuta is a portable printer that connects to your computer, phone, etc. and enables you to print documents wherever you are. At just 10 cm in diameter, the Zuta is a convenient product, which moves around as it prints your documents out on paper. However, at this point the Zuta can only print in black ink, and it takes about 1 minute to print 1 page. Nonetheless, it is definitely an innovative concept.

duracell powermat 2015 women tech gadgets

Duracell Powermat

Although this is not necessarily a new technology, it is one that I feel is useful for pretty much everyone nowadays. The PowerMat is a sleek, flat service that charges up your most-used devices by simply laying them against the mat. You can choose from a variety of mats that vary on the amount of devices they can charge. Having one conveniently beside your desk or bed, ensures that you will always have a phone at 100% to begin your day.

pet chatz holiday women tech toys 2015


PetChatz is a device that connects to your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. and allows you to connect with your pet while you are away. Admittedly, this is a niche product, however for pet lovers (like myself) it is definitely an interesting concept. The machine allows you to interact with your pet through a camera while also being able to release treats and scents that will comfort your furry companion. However, you will have to be willing to invest quite the lump sum to stay connected to your pets at all times.