Top 10 Questions for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6

top 10 questions for game of thrones season 6 2016 images jon snow

top 10 questions for game of thrones season 6 2016 images jon snow

It felt like “Game of Thrones” was a long long wait until the 2016 season which is finally here. Season 5 went by faster than it took to burn up Princess Shireen….sorry, still too soon? Jon Snow went from world savior to a dead traitor. Daenerys got the stink of the common folk on by getting involved with the fighting pits only to end up nearly assassinated. Tyrion was kidnapped, had his kidnapper exiled, then ended up basically running Meereen as the puppet master to Grey Worm. Cersei got what she deserved, but still came out alive and has me actually looking forward to her plans for next season.

Yes, a lot happened in season five. Still there are more questions than answers like usual. I have some low-level questions like:
– Will Bronn get to have sex with the most beautiful woman in the world? Hopefully and soon.
– How much longer do we have to put up with the irritating Harpys? Not long hopefully.
– Is it possible Cersei’s character will now morph into a hero of sorts? Doubtful.
– Over and under on number of kills Gregor has next season? Guessing 42.
– Did Brienne really kill Stannis? Please, people. Dude is dead.

Those are just minor musings. Here are ten major questions to ponder during the next 42 weeks as we wait for episode one of season six of Game of Thrones.

game of thrones jon snow dead

10. Will King Tommen ever come out of his room again? The boy king hardly lifted a finger to help his bride once she was sent to prison, he and left his mother there to rot as well due to his timidness. Cersei will have to get this kid ready to lead instead of trying to do it herself. We saw what happened when she was out of the picture with no outside help. It would have been nice for her to have a son with some clue as to what actions to take when trouble arises.

9. If and when the Sparrows are picked apart on Cersei’s orders, will Margaery make it out alive? Just because Cersei felt what it was like to be in a dungeon like Margaery does not mean she will feel any different toward her daughter-in-law. I can only hope Queen Margaery makes it out alive, though I don’t see her making Tommen very happy in the bedroom anytime soon after he abandoned his queen.

8. The mystery of Jon Snow’s parents is a big question right now online. Who are they really? I don’t want to know too much as I want to remain unsullied and let the story play out on TV instead of reading spoilers here and there.

7. Is Arya going to be blind for good? Won’t this hinder her killing ability? Or maybe it will be cool to watch a blind assassin in action. Hell, maybe Arya is dying and never even makes it past episode one next year! I hope not, but I know better than to count on any hopeful outcomes.

6. Isn’t it time for Dany’s crew to move on from Meereen? They have been stuck there for a long stretch, and things don’t seem to be improving a whole lot. If the Mother of Dragons cannot tame this  little place, how will she ever conquer King’s Landing? Maybe Tyrion and Varys can whip the place into shape while she is away with Drogon and the horsemen.

5. Should Jaime turn the ship around to head right back to the dock at Dorne with his dead daughter? We saw they were still within sight of the dock when Myrcella started bleeding out. I guess there is no proof that Ellaria Sand killed his kid, but I think Prince Doran would know what was up. He would hand out some swift justice since the girl murdered was his future daughter-in-law…..or maybe Doran and even Trystane were in on the murder? Unlikely? Yes. Possible? Oh yes.

4. No way Sansa and Reek killed themselves off right? Tell me these two characters didn’t put up with five seasons of torture only to end it all without making a run for it. Although I would guess jumping off a wall to a quick death would be better than the physical and mental torture Ramsay has in store in the coming days for these two.

3. How many episodes will it take for Cersei to exact revenge on the Sparrows for her humiliation? Now that she is safely back in her palace she will have the King’s Guard at her disposal, the revamped Ser Gregor included. I don’t think there is much need for subtleness, so I’m guessing two episodes in we will see a bloodbath of Sparrows. The High Sparrow and cousin Lancel Lannister best hope for a quick death once the payback starts. Cersei is not the forgiving type.

2. Will Jon Snow rise from the dead as many are reporting? Even if the books have this being the case, that doesn’t mean that the TV series will follow suit. I try to avoid spoilers, so I have looked no further than the Twitter news I accidentally saw right after the Game of Thrones finale.

1. What miserable fate is waiting on Daenerys Targaryen? I can feel it coming like a rumbling train. In my mind, it is inevitable that the most worthy ruler in all of Westeros will meet a nasty demise. I don’t know if Dany will be backstabbed by someone close to her or if she will be killed by a rival. I just know she will be struck down in the end. How can it be any other way? Game of Thrones is great at smiting the “good guys,” so Daenerys has had a target on her back since the start of the series.