Tom Hiddleston’s first Taylor Swift Interview and Miley Cyrus taste for Liam Hemsworth’s Vegemite

miley cyrus taste for liam hemsworths vegemite 2016 gossip

Many are speculating the meaning behind Miley Cyrus’ latest addition to her tattoo collection. Over the weekend, the “Wrecking Ball” singer ventured out and got yet another ink-job done. Located on the back of her arm, Miley got a tattoo of a jar of Vegemite.

At first Miley’s latest tattoo may seem random, but Vegemite just so happens to have been invented (and is very popular) in Australia. It is a dark brown colored paste that includes a blend of spices and vegetables in it. This particular tattoo has many believing Miley is giving a subtle shout-out to her fiancée, Liam Hemsworth, as he has repeatedly expressed his love for the Aussie product.

During the press tour for his 2010 movie The Last Song, in which he starred alongside Miley, Liam admitted that Vegemite is a daily staple in his diet. When asked what his favorite things to eat are, he told an Australian media publication, “Meat pies and Vegemite. They don’t really have meat pies in the states; they have hot chicken pies, not meat pies…Vegemite, definitely, I had four bits of Vegemite toast this morning!”

Miley opted to go to the Shamrock Social Club, where she enlisted well-known tattoo artist Dr. Woo to help expand her tat collection.  Dr. Woo later went on to post a photo of Miley’s tattoo with the caption reading, “[Miley Cyrus] don’t play when it comes to #vegemite…”

Dr. Woo, Instagram post:

miley cyrus vegemite new tattoo for liam hemsworth 2016

While it is undeniably a questionable tattoo, Miley is still better off than many of her famous peers who continue to tattoo the names (and/or pictures) of their current beaus on them (and then later break-up with them and have to find some way to cover up their permanent body art tributes).

After hanging in Tennessee, exploring England and traveling around Rome, celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have officially landed down under.

Earlier this week the lovebirds arrived in Australia, where Tom is shooting scenes for his upcoming Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok. This is the third installment of the Thor movie franchise, and Tom is once again reprising the role of Loki, Thor’s archenemy.

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Considering the fact they have been literally inseparable over the past few weeks, it is not surprising to hear that the couple is already thinking about their future together. A source recently told E! News that Taylor and Tom have already talked about the possibility of having kids together someday. The source claimed, “[Tom] is the kind of man [Taylor] would want to marry…She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future, and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life.”

In the past, Taylor has reportedly wanted to be more serious with her ex-boyfriends, and this has often led to the demise of her previous relationships. However, considering Tom (35) is 9 years older than Taylor (26), he may just be the one who is looking for the same things as Taylor when it comes to their relationship and life together.

A local news reporter landed an impromptu interview (TMZ style) with Hiddleston while he was out running. Well, he was actually out and about and decided to take a quick jog after the reporter asked him about his girlfriend. His exact words were, “I’m not going to answer that, if it’s alright.” Then he took off.

Hiddleston proved that he’s a gentleman as he was kind enough to give an answer before leaving the scene in a Loki-like manner.