THE VOICE 907: Bye Manny More Battles To Come

the voice 907 bye manny 2015 recap images

the voice 907 bye manny 2015 recap imagesTuesday was The Voice’s second round of battles, where the judges pit two of their team members up against each other to fight for a spot in the knockout rounds. Once again talented advisors –Brad Paisley, John Fogerty, Selena Gomez and Missy Elliot – join coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams as they try to finalize their teams for the upcoming knockout rounds and live performances.

So here is a recap of tonight’s battles:

  1. Team Adam

Keith Semple vs. Manny Cabo

“Baba O’Reilly” by The Who

The first battle of the night was between Team Adam’s Keith and Manny Cabo. Keith is an Irish rocker and father while Manny is a fashion photographer who also has a rocker edge.

Both of the artists were able to give high-energy performances, and it was a close battle as both musicians definitely have rockstar worthy chops. However, Adam ends up keeping Keith for his team and Manny was sent home, without getting a save from the other judges.

  1. Team Blake

Chris Crump vs. Krista Hughes

“When I get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton

Blake once again pitted two four chair-turning artists against each other. He decided to put newlywed country boy Chris Crump against young country artist Krista Hughes.

It seems that Blake took a tip from Adam’s playbook, as he gave the two artists a song by their advisor, Brad Paisley. However, during the rehearsals both Blake and Brad are blown away by their version of the song. When Chris explains to Brad that he finds he is getting too emotional while singing, Brad quips back, “whenever you get too emotional…think of a shark attack!”

During the performance, Krista definitely had the upper hand, as her vocals stood out both in tone and volume. However, the judges felt that Chris connected more with the song and evoked ample emotions and thus, Blake decided to keep Chris on his team.

Unfortunately, Krista doesn’t land a save and is sent home.

After Blake’s battle, they show snippets of a Team Pharrell and two Team Gwen battles that won’t be fully aired.

In it, they show two members of Team Pharrell battling it out to the tune of “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Ultimately, Pharrell chooses pop-indie artist Madi Davis to stay on his team.

Additionally, we see a glimpse of two of Team Gwen’s battles. The first showed two of her artists singing one of her hit songs, “It’s My Life.” In the end, she decides to keep Kota Wade. The second battle is between two of her male contestants, which she assigned “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd. From this battle, she ends up keeping pop artist Jeffrey Austin.

  1. Team Pharrell

Ivonne Acero vs. Siahna Im

“You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by The Supremes

The last battle of the night was between two of the youngest artists in the competition this season, Ivonne and Siahna. Ivonne returned this season after not getting any chairs to turn for her in season 8. However, by following the critique she received from the judges she was able to land a spot on Pharrell’s team this year. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Siahna is a self-classified “weirdo” who has a voice that sounds way beyond her years.

During the rehearsals, Pharrell and Missy try to get Ivonne to step out of her comfort zone and loosen up. At the same time, they advise Siahna to strengthen her vibrato.

Fortunately, the two young powerhouses brought it to the final performance of the night. Not only did they demonstrate killer vocals, but also both of them were able to embrace the song and feed off the crowd’s energy.

Although he was faced with a tough choice, Pharrell ultimately chooses Siahna. However, both Blake and Stefani swoop in and try to get Ivonne on their teams.  In a surprise twist, the young pop singer chooses to join Team Blake (which is currently packed with country artists).

And that was it for tonight’s battles. You can catch the next round of dueling performers on The Voice on Monday, Oct 19th.