‘The Bachelor’ 2004 Olivia takes the cringe worthy cake in Las Vegas

the bachelor 2004 olivia takes the cringeworthy cake in las vegas 2016 images

the bachelor 2004 ben higgins wax museum with elvisWhile The X-File fans are indulging in all sorts of weird and supernatural things on the series reboot, the viewers of Bachelor nation are also getting their weekly dose of weird with Ben Higgins and the group of ladies vying for his love. In week 4 of ABC’s The Bachelor season 20, Ben, the 14 remaining contestants and of course host Chris Harrison jet off to their first destination: Las Vegas!

The episode kicks off with the women getting a special visit from Chris. While they were expecting to get their first date card of the week, Chris surprises them by telling them they are going to the “marriage capital of the world,” aka Vegas.

With only an hour to pack, the girls joke amongst themselves about all the things they want to do with Ben while in Vegas. Unfortunately, when Olivia tries to make a joke about getting Ben to take her on a one-on-one to see Celine Dion perform, the other girls just ignore her – evidently, Olivia will not be brushing off her bad rap anytime soon if it’s up to the other ladies.

Once the girls get to their luxurious Vegas suite, they find the first date card. It is revealed that Jojo is the first one who will be spending some quality time with Ben in the new setting.

The next day Ben arrives at the suite to pick up Jojo for their date. They first stop for a glass of champagne and then head off in a helicopter to go on a scenic trip around the city. Unfortunately, the show’s producers didn’t get around to doing a test run, as the helicopter ends up breaking all of the glasses and champagne bottle when it arrives on the rooftop to pick up the couple.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s mood does a 180 after she catches a glimpse of Ben kissing Jojo before they headed off in the helicopter. Prior to this she was claiming she was at peace and confident in the strong foundation she has built with Ben, however after seeing a fellow contestant kiss “[her] man” she was quickly in tears and insecure about pretty much everything.

Later that night, Jojo and Ben get all dolled up and reunite for a romantic evening. Here, Jojo begins talking about her past relationship, in which she had major trust issues because she “wasn’t the only person involved in [her former boyfriend’s] life.” However, she remains adamant that she is ready for a serious relationship – specifically with Ben. Afterwards, the two head up to the rooftop and take in a fireworks show. Unfortunately, the other women can also see the fireworks from their hotel room and aren’t too happy about the over-the-top, romantic backdrop Jojo is getting for her date.

At this point, Olivia is having a full-time meltdown imagining Jojo and Ben making out in front of the fireworks. So while the other girls thought that Olivia was the most confident feeling in the competition over the past few weeks, they definitely no longer think this after seeing Olivia’s inability to keep it together.

The next day, Ben heads out on a group date with Amanda, Jubilee, Caila, Lauren B., Amber, Haley, Emily, Leah, Lauren H., Jennifer, Rachel and Olivia. They end up hanging out with Terry Fator, who is a ventriloquist/comedian. In an attempt to find a woman who “doesn’t take herself too seriously,” Ben ends up forcing the women to open up for Terry’s show later that night in front of 1,200 people.

the bachelor 2004 olivia takes the cringeworthy cake in las vegas 2016 imagesEventually, all of the women take to the stage to perform their various “talents” – including juggling, hula hooping, Irish dancing and playing the cello. However, it is truly Olivia who takes the cake (no pun intended), as she performs a “cringe-worthy” dance number after bursting out of a giant cake on stage.

Despite her seemingly unwavering confidence in the past, Olivia continues to show a new side of her this week, as she once again breaks down following her performance. She admits that her dance number did not “scream marriage material.”

Following this torturous group activity, Ben finally joins the girls for a more intimate gathering. Here, each of the ladies get some one-on-one time with the bachelor himself and Olivia awkwardly tries to justify her embarrassing performance to him – on two separate occasions during the evening.

Unfortunately, Olivia didn’t succeed in wiping her slate clean, and Ben ends up giving the rose to Lauren B., who was just gushing about how their hot tub trip in the desert was the “greatest first date” ever.

The next day, Becca gets ready for her one-on-one date with Ben. This entails putting on a wedding dress that was delivered to her. Soon after, Ben picks her up in a vintage pink convertible, and they make their way to the infamous Little White Wedding Chapel. While here, Ben does get down on one knee, however much to Becca’s dismay he asks her, “Will you marry other people with me today?” It turns out the plan for the day was for Becca to watch as the newly ordained Ben Higgins married random couples.

Later on, Becca and Ben head off to a neon sign museum – where Ben questions whether Becca can let herself “feel.” Becca says she is committing herself much more this time around (note: she is one of the veteran contestants from Chris Soules’ season). The two then proceed to read out some “vows” they wrote to each other – which ultimately wins Becca a kiss and the date rose.

Shortly after Chris pops into the ladies’ hotel suite and reveals that the next date will actually be an early hometown two-on-one. Basically, the twins Haley and Emily get ripped off and end up having to not only bring Ben to meet their mom on their solo date with him, but they also are forced to awkwardly share him for the day.

the bachelor ben higgins las vegas churchBen realizes he is going to have to choose only one of the girls to move on, as the whole twin situation is just a bit too complicated. During the date, it becomes evident that blood is not thicker than water with the twins, as Emily gladly throws her sister under the bus by telling Ben that she knows they (Emily and Ben) have a stronger connection than what he has with Haley. Inevitably, Ben ends up keeping Emily in the competition, and Haley is sent home – where she conveniently already was.

Lastly, the night ends with the weekly cocktail party and rose ceremony.

Here, Olivia once again dominates the alone time with Ben, as she tries to explain she was not sure “what planet” she was on this week. However, finally, Ben voices that enough is enough and tells her to stop apologizing (in the nicest, least confrontational way possible of course).

Soon after, Chris pulls Ben away and gets the ladies to line up along a glass walkway placed over the Vegas pool – hey, at least, we get a nice change of scenery from the usual bachelor mansion this week.

So who is safe?

Becca, Jojo and Lauren B. already had roses from their dates. In addition, Ben hands out roses to: Amanda, Lauren H., Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jennifer, Leah and Olivia.

Unfortunately, this leaves Rachel and Amber, who are soon after sent packing. Hopefully, Amber gets the hint that she is just not going to find love on The Bachelor (note: she was on this season, Chris Soules’ season and last summer’s Bachelor In Paradise).

Next Week on The Bachelor:

Only 11 girls remain, as Ben takes them to their next destination for another round of dates: Mexico!

You can catch week 5 of The Bachelor when it airs next Monday, February 1 on ABC.