Taylor Swift Swiftmas Christmas & Reba McIntire’s Independence Day

Taylor Swift Swiftmas Christmas 2015 gossip

reba mcintire single 2015 gossipHere’s hoping that 2016 is a better year for celebrities when it comes to their relationships. Despite the year almost being over, yet another celebrity couple announced they have officially parted ways.

It has now been confirmed that country singer Reba McEntire has finalized her divorce from her husband Narvel Blackstock, after 26 years of marriage. In a joint statement, Reba and Narvel explained on Reba’s personal website that the two have been separated for the “past few months”. Going on to claim, “Despite this being the end of their marriage, they continue to support each other.” Concluding their announcement, the former couple stated, “[we have] worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so. [We] have asked that you respect their privacy during this time.”

During Reba and Narvel’s over 2 decade long marriage, they shared one son together, Shelby. In addition, Reba was also a big part of the lives of Narvel’s 3 other children from his previous relationships (including Brandon, who is now married to Kelly Clarkson).

On her Facebook page, Reba commented on one of her pictures saying, “Narvel ad I are divorced. It was final October 28.” She went on to say, “Thanks for all of the sweet messages. Narvel and I are friends. We have always been.”

Reba, Facebook post:

So proud of these people. They have been with me for over 20 years. Pictured l to r, Brian Leedham 24 years, Narvel Blackstock 35 years me, Penny Chubb 22 years. Top row Doug Sisemore 23 years and Cliff Williamson 23 years.

reba mcintire divorced from narvel blackstock 2015 gossip

Taylor Swift Swiftmas Christmas 2015 gossipIt’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is trying to trademark the term “Swiftmas,” as she once again proves she is the Santa Claus of pop music. Just as she did last year, Taylor is devoting some of her time off to spread holiday cheer to her deserving fans.

This time around it was Delaney Clements, a young fan who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Over the weekend, Taylor dropped in to see Delaney with little warning, as she made a pit stop while heading down to Tennessee for the holidays.

On Instagram Delaney shared a picture with a caption reading, “Literally speechless right now!!!!! My new best friend (as I call her now) made a special stop from going home to Tennessee and surprised me and gave me the best present/ hug every!!” Going on to add, “Thank you [Taylor Swift]!! I love you!! Happy Holidays!!”

Delaney Clements, Instagram post:

taylor swift swiftmas child 2015 gossipTaylor also went on to Instagram to document her surprise visit. She added a collage of pictures from the day with a caption reading, “Merry Christmas Baby [Delaney Clements].”

Taylor Swift, Instagram post:

taylor swift cancer children 2015 gossipBack in 2010, Delaney unfortunately was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Since then, she has built up a substantial following on social media, which eventually helped her grab the attention of Swift. In fact, it was the popular hashtag on Twitter “#DelaneyMeetTaylor” that eventually got the pop star to notice.