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How Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ cast stacks up to their stunt doubles

Check out how the Avengers cast stands up side by side with their stunt doubles plus some fun extras including Taylor Lautner. Remember him?

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Spoiler Recap and Review

Marvel has proven time and again that they can balance an ensemble cast with enough subplots and screen times like they did with Avengers and Captain America: Civil War as well as this film’s first outing.

James Gun insists ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and Dark Phoenix for ‘X-Men’

Marvel Tidbits: Zoe Saldana appears to have slipped up with the latest Avengers film title. She got everyone talking when she said it would be called Infinity Gauntlet, but James Gunn was quick to fix it back to Infinity War.

Celebrities begin supporting Donald Trump: What are they seeing?

Is it time to give Donald Trump a chance? This is something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Celebrities have really been pushing this notion and it’s one that I find hard to wrap my head around for various reasons.

Amber Heard more money from Elon Musk and Chris Pratt’s self love

Chris Pratt admitted during an interview at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con that he enjoys talking about himself. He said that even though many celebrities don’t like to talk about their personal life

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