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Tag: Tyrese Gibson

Keysha Cole One Woman Chris Brown Won’t Touch & Rita Ora Suing Her Way Out of Jay Z’s Roc Nation

Keysha Cole seems to be the one woman that Chris Brown is able to keep his hands off, Rita Ora sues to get out of Jay Z's Roc Nation and Tyrese Gibson takes a diva approach to ending TGT.

Tyrese Call Out, Bill Cosby Over & Blake Shelton Divorces Miranda Lambert

The week has just begun, but sadly, the sun has set on country power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert who were like the country version of Jay Z and Beyonce to me.

Tyrese Gibson Will Not Be Ignored For GREEN LANTERN Movie Reboot & DC Comics Listened

It's always been hard enough for actors like Tyrese Gibson to get work since there's so many more of them than movies being made, but now today, there's even less movies being made with the same amount of actors so they really have to take it to the next level to get a studios attention

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