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Academy Awards 2016 ready for Hollywood diversity showdown

The Academy Awards has had even more press than usual this year immediately after the nominations were announced, but much of the spotlight hasn't been really wanted.

Academy Awards: 7 Steps to Winning a Best Picture Oscar

Since we've already covered that part of the Oscars, we thought it would be interesting to answer the question many people, including aspiring filmmakers, what exactly does it take to receive a best picture nomination and win?

Movies with the most Oscar wins

The 88th Academy Awards will be here in less than two weeks so rather than bore you with odds on which films of 2016 will most likely win, we thought we show you which films have won the most Oscars from the beginning of time.

Drake ready for his ‘Summer Sixteen’ & Leonardo DiCaprio gets his due

Kanye West isn’t the only rapper that is soon gifting his fans with new music. Toronto-native Drake dropped his new single “Summer Sixteen” on Apple Music on Sunday

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Kicks Up Box Office Dust

The winter months aren't usually the kindest ones for the box office and January is usually reserved as the 'dumping grounds' for bad movies the studios have lost faith in. Dreamworks Animation slipped "Kung Fu Panda 3" into the very last weekend of January

‘The Revenant’ meshes well with weekend blizzard box office

The weekend northeast blizzard fit in well with Leonardo DiCaprio's snowy frontier saga "The Revenant" which couldn't keep people away from the theaters.

‘The Revenant’ & ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Top 2016 Academy Award Nominations

Intense films took the most 2016 Academy Award nominations this morning as "The Revenant" and George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" took the most Oscar slots. "Revenant" director Alejandro Inarritu is following up his 2015 Oscar win with another nomination

Tom Hardy Reteams with Leonardo DiCaprio For THE REVENANT

We may never know what happened to Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of Christopher Nolan's "Inception," but the two will be...

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