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Rex Tillerson forcing Russia to choose Assad or Donald Trump

The world will be watching very closely as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visits the man who pinned him with the highest Russian honor, Vladimir Putin. He is having to force an answer

Fact checking Donald Trump’s claims on Syria and jobs

In the midst of his ongoing Russian connection scandal, Donald Trump had a great chance for diverting press attention with Syria, but even with that, he's creating more questions than answers with his actions.

Syria feels US 59 missiles blast

It came as no surprise after Secretary of State Tillerson changed his language on Thursday about Syria that the United States bombed a Syrian air base with 50 cruise missiles later that evening in fiery retaliation

Could an Aleppo type situation hit America?

How devastating is the world in which we live right now? I mean, we are dealing with a lot here in America, but I dare say that what we are going through (for now) fails in comparison to the situation the Syrian people

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