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Hollywood’s tiny dip into LGBT pool with ‘Power Rangers’ Trini, Sulu and LeFou

While many people love saying that Hollywood is so liberal, there are still many topics that make the major studios nervous. Now that a few high-profile studio movies have added gay characters to their mainstream films

Top 10 Films of 2016: Marius Maronilla’s list

Last year, we wrote that 2016 would be an interesting year for blockbuster films. Some turned out great, some were surprisingly good while others bombed. No Oscar films here. While I appreciate their merit in case I happen to sit through one

Jason ‘Jay’ Bell talks ‘Supernatural’ ‘Timeless’ stunts and ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Jason Bell has appeared on Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Apocalypse, Arrow, The 100, and yes, even Supernatural. Not as an actor though, no, Jason is more specialized than that: he is a stunt performer.

New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ posters hit from Matt Ferguson

Despite its relatively weak run at the box office, this summer was blessed with the simple, colorful, and fun-filled romp that was Star Trek Beyond.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ tops box office pushing ‘Secret Life of Pets’ down

It comes as no surprise that "Star Trek Beyond" topped the weekend box office pushing "The Secret Life of Pets," which has held the top spot for a few weeks, down to number 2.

Chris Pine talks about his ‘Finest Hours’ Quickie Interview

Handsome Chris Pine is a landlubber. He still takes to the sea in his new film “The Finest Hours,” where he plays real-life coast guard hero Bernie Webber who in 1952 jumps in his boat and saves the men on an oil tanker during a nor’easter in 1952

‘Star Trek Beyond’ first trailer hits a little forced

Star Trek Beyond hits with the first trailer while we wait for Star Wars to hit.

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