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Will Microsoft Get Windows 10 to 11th Hour Deadline?

Summer is fast approaching and Microsoft is still busy tweaking Windows 10. Will Microsoft make their Windows 10 deadline? Can they actually ship a satisfactory working product to individuals and businesses willing to immediately adopt their new OS?

Is Microsoft’s Edge Sharp or Blunt?: Windows 10 Updates

It’s been made official for a few weeks now that Project Spartan’s name is Edge. Many Windows 10 insiders were disappointed with the browser’s official name though not bad, was just not as cool as Spartan.

What’s Even Newer In Windows 10

So what’s new with Windows 10? It’s a bit awkward since Windows 10 isn’t officially out yet. Not for long though since Microsoft announced that it’s pushing for an earlier release this summer.

8 Things in Windows 10 Windows 8 Haters Will Like

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating system was fresh, fast and different. It ushered in a new PC category known as hybrids, half tablet/half laptop. However, its being ‘different’ has also earned it the distinction of being the most hated Windows version since Windows Vista and Windows Me

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