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Rebel Wilson talks ‘The Hustle’ and fighting that ‘R’ rating

Rebel Wilson was able to use her law degree (yes, she has earned one) to keep her latest film "The Hustle" from getting that...

Justin Bieber Pierced & Lindsay Lohan Booted Harry Styles Booty Call

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Justin Bieber surprised his fans today by posting a picture of him with a new nose piercing. The selfie, posted on Twitter, earned Bieber many comments from fans.

White Right For H&M & Oprah Up On Kardashians After Rebel Diss

H&M felt the most positive marketing images were with white only models, David Justice swears he never hit Halle Berry in the real world and Oprah Winfrey is obviously looking to lure the Kardashian clan over to OWN by publicly praising them after Rebel Wilson had her words about the family.

Celebrity Gossip: Chaste Kim Kardahian, Prince Harry Deflowering & Psycho Pamela Anderson

This week’s celebrity gossip includes new love in the air for Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress met fellow actor and comedian Mickey Gooch Jr, thanks to friends the two have in common.

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