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WannaCry: Powerful-NSA Grade Ransomware Grinds to a Halt

Wanna cry? You certainly will once your system gets hit by the WannaCry ransomware. Over 700,000 systems have been hit worldwide by this rampaging ransomware often in the groin as critical systems are forced to shut down

Upgrade to Windows 10 and Stop Ransomware

Built into Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection first announced in March last year. It’s a service designed to help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.

The Horror of Ransomeware

There’s a lot of wares going around nowadays. I miss the times when everything was called software. But it’s nice that software is now being classified like the plant and animal kingdoms.

Apple can’t catch a break in 2016

Apple can’t seem to catch a break during the first quarter of 2016. Apple is currently in a tussle with the FBI. Then there’s the iOS error 53, Mac users won’t be able to use the upcoming Oculus Rift and now, Macs are the target of ransomware

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