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Tag: Privacy Issues

Yes, your smart devices are spying on you. Which ones are the worst?

While those smart devices might make your life easier, you are also letting spies into your home collecting data you might not want them having.

Google buys up user data with $2.1 billion Fitbit purchase

Google wants to protect users privacy but it just bought $2.1 billion worth of your data with the purchase of Fitbit.

Libra looks doubtful after Mark Zuckerberg Congressional hearing

Mark Zuckerberg claims that he won't pursue his crytopcurrency Libra without support, and after his Congressional hearing, it may not happen for the Facebook CEO.

Mark Zuckerberg uses freedom of speech for Facebook while China keeps spying

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doubled down on freedom of speech as a way of keeping out of his latest troubles and China continues spying.

Google pitches privacy with Pixel 4, Zuckerberg political heat builds

Google claims to protect privacy with Pixel 4 smartphone but they want your still anyway. Plus, Mark Zuckerberg feels political pressure on Facebook.

Google ICE free zone demand, Virgin Galactic reveal plus Amazon Rekognition problem

Google employees want ICE out of their business, Virgin Galactic reveals interiors and Amazon facial Rekognition reveals flaws for ACLU.

Facebook easily overcomes $5 billion FTC fine, but will more scrutiny hurt?

Facebook may have gotten a historic $5 billion settlement fine from the FTC, but that is just a blip on their fiscal radar. How will the settlement affect you?

Google unveils Pixel 3A at I/O; gets chilly reception with privacy offering

Google didn't get a great reception at their I/O conference when it came to privacy issues but the Pixel 3a was greeted warmly.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg concerned about privacy again at F8 plus Oculus VR unveiled

Mark Zuckerberg spoke again about Facebook's fight for privacy while also unveiling the $400 Oculus virtual reality headset.

WHO sets kids screen time while grocery stores watch your mood

That creepy feeling of being watched might be real at your grocery store as cameras now judge your mood and buying habits. WHO determines best screen time for kids and babies.

Facebook ready to pay out $5 billion plus Trump’s Twitter meet

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook readies itself for a $5 billion FTC fine while Donald Trump met with Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

Snapchat goes gaming while 5G kicks off in South Korea, Facebook exposed again

Snapchat joins online gaming world, South Korea kicks of 5G early and Facebook caught again with privacy issues.

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