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Aaron Gordon Robbed of NBA Slam Dunk Contest According to Brother & NBA Players

Former Arizona superstar and 4th overall pick Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic put on quite the show in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Saturday night. Unfortunately, the votes didn’t go his way.

Houston Rockets Dwight Howard trade block

Houston Rockets Shopping Dwight Howard as NBA Trade Deadline Approaches

Florida Head Coach Billy Donovan Considering Jump to NBA

With a buyout of only $500,000, Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan has become an extremely attractive prospect for NBA executives looking for a new coach. Well, if you’re an NBA exec, you’re in luck—Donovan is listening.

Orlando Magic Fires Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

The San Antonio Spurs handed the Orlando Magic their 10th straight loss on Wednesday February 4th, and the next day the Magic announced that their head coach Jacque Vaughn had been fired.

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