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America knocked out of Privacy Shield by EU top court

America was blocked from Privacy Shield in a European Union court ruling fearing the US would be snooping.

Best Privacy Web Tools to keep you anonymous in 2020

Here are the top three online privacy web tools to keep you secure in 2020.

Google TOS finally gets real plus New Mexico lawsuit

Just when Google makes its Terms of Service more user friendly, they get hit with another lawsuit for tracking children.

How YouTube Quickly Changed After $170 Million FTC Fine

After being slapped with a $170 million fine, Google is having YouTube change the way it treats children online.

Mariott Hacked, U.S. Army goes HoloLens and Instagram closes friend circle

Mariott hack biggest ever in corporate history, U.S. Army puts Microsoft HoloLens on market and Instagram making those friend circles even tighter.

UK Spy bill ‘Snoopers’ makes Big Brother even bigger

Now that the United Kingdom has passed a spy bill referred to as the 'Snooper' charter giving the British government even more authority to look at the internet browsing records of all their citizens.

Fingerprints still not foolproof technology

If you like the idea of not having to remember your password or coming up with so many different ones for all your social accounts, you might want to realize that nothing is actually foolproof.

Avoiding the Hackmarket

There are three basic online precautions you have to do nowadays to keep yourself secure especially if you use the internet for more than just Facebook and email. One of course, is to come up with a password

Leslie Jones proves the Cloud not always safe

Leslie Jones Fighting More than Ghosts with a Hacked Cloud

It’s “Okay” Being Commercially Exploited by the Internet

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite movies to date. Not just because I’m a fan of Marvel Studios’ films but because, it’s a genuinely intense, action packed and well-written movie. It very much reflects the issues we have with privacy and security.

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