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Republicans get Marco Rubio back on tax bill: Winners, losers

Marco Rubio quickly came on board the Republicans tax bill along with Bob Corker bringing the passage of the unpopular bill closer to Donald Trump's desk in time for Christmas.

Republicans who hate Donald Trump most

Donald Trump is that rare person who seems to grow stronger on others negativity and outright hate which the Republican Party has bestowed upon him in healthy amounts.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday numbers tell a story

No one was surprised that over the top 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were the big winners on Super Tuesday, but there's always a story behind all those numbers.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton polling like winners of Super Tuesday

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are polling to be the winners of Super Tuesday. Much to the Republican parties chagrin, even trying to brush Trump with a KKK association won't help Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio take the lead or more delegates.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton leading the South for 2016

The 2016 Presidential primary race continues to be a three ring circus with accusations flying faster than a Kardashian meltdown, but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue leading the pack.

Seventh 2016 Presidential Campaign Republican Debate overview sans Donald Trump

Donald Trump might have skipped out on the seventh 2016 Presidential campaign Republican debate, but you could still feel his presence looming overhead like a ghost.

Does Early 2016 Presidential Election News Coverage Really Help Voters Decide?

By the way the media is covering the 2016 Presidential Election, you would think we are only a few weeks away from choosing the new President of the United States instead of over a year until we cast our votes.

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