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Technology at a crossroads: Change is coming again

Change is coming. It’s a popular phrase lately in the Philippines when Donald Trump-like candidate Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency. The man is known as the Dirty Harry of the South.

Windows bashing for Linux

Hell is freezing over as many websites say on their headlines. Microsoft is embracing Linux. Linux runs on Azure, Xamarin is included for free on Visual Studio to ease cross-platform development

Redmond Recaps: Another Major Windows 10 Update Coming

There’s always a lot going on at Redmond. A Major Windows 10 update is coming up. Their new browser Edge is getting geared up for prime time. Microsoft is actually endorsing the use of Linux.

Free Software Without Having to Go Linux

So you want to make your newly bought Windows PC more useful but you’re on a strict budget and that MS Office license just burned the last of it. It makes you wonder why you didn’t take your friend’s advice and went to Linux for the free software.

Will Android Lollipop 5.1 avoid all the headaches from 5.0?

Most people have heard of Android – the mobile operating system that pretty much dominates the market and has done for some time. In fact as reported in the last quarter of 2014, Android was running on roughly 76% of mobile devices worldwide.

Can Microsoft Really Rival Linux?

Can Microsoft really rival Linux? That’s a strange question in the consumer-level point of view. Wherever have we seen any laptops or desktops in display shelves with some form Linux? It’s rare, except for Chromebooks which are growing in popularity.

Windows 10 Secure Boot to Boot out Other Operating Systems

Microsoft has just recently announced that they plan to push through what they started when they launched Windows 8—securing the computer against operating systems other than their own.

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