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How Lenovo defeated the Notch

Lenovo takes front and center with the bezel less screen war on their IdeaCentre AIO 520 finding a way to not replicate Apple's iPhone X 'notch'

CES 2016: Google & Lenovo Selling 3D eyed very smartphone & Oculus Rift Update

It's heading into Day 3 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016), and as expected, there's plenty of new gadgets to make any tech geek giddy with excitement.

PC Does What? But What is a PC?

PC sales have significantly slumped during the mobile revolution. As it turns out, for most people, all they really need is a good smartphone or a tablet for their average computing needs like connecting to the internet, reading email, catching up on the news, chatting with friends and posting to social media.

Companies Poised to Take on Apple & Microsoft

Ever seen the film "Pirates of Silicon Valley"? It’s a very entertaining film about the birth of the modern computer industry through the eyes of tech giants Apple and Microsoft. A few myths in the story has since been debunked but you’ll get the message

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