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Rob Benedict on Louden Swain, ‘Kings of Con,’ and a certain ‘Supernatural’ book

"Kings of Con" and God from "Supernatural Rob Benedict talks about Louden Swain and his contribution to Lynn's book "Family Don't End with Blood."

Gil McKinney talks ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Kings of Con’ and if he returned

Gil McKinney is one of those “guest stars” on Supernatural that has truly become part of the fabric of the show. Although he’s only been in two episodes, his convention appearances and overall “aw, shucks” demeanor

Matt Cohen talks his different ‘Supernatural’ sides and fan requests

This interview is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while -- Matt Cohen, who played the young John Winchester on Supernatural over the many seasons. Although Matt’s only been on the show in three episodes

Rob Benedict talks up ‘Kings of Con’ premiere and a certain 911 call

f you attend Supernatural conventions and/or follow Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict on Twitter, you might be curious as to what exactly Kings of Con is about … or you might be like me, and know all about it

Rob Benedict talks playing God on ‘Supernatural’ and himself (sorta) on ‘Kings of Con’

Next week Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. premiere their new web series, Kings of Con, on ComicConHQ! Both Rob and Rich play fictionalized versions of themselves, and if the trailer is any indication, it’s going to be hilarious

Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict talk ‘Kings of Con’ & ‘Supernatural’ interview

Are You Ready for the Kings of Con? Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict certainly are in this rather lengthy interview. Size does matter this time.

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