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Instagram clamps down on social media influencers plus Twitter apology

Instagram is clamping down in Britain on social media influencers not playing by the rules and Twitter's Jack Dorsey apologizes about blocking New York Post Biden story.

Twitter feels Donald Trump above law plus their TOS with warnings

Twitter is okay with Donald Trump spreading lies and conspiracies on the social media platform, but only he gets a pass. You don't.

Twitter’s messy political ad ban plus robocall fight hits Trump’s desk

Twitter rolled out its first wave of Jack Dorsey's anti-political ad ban on the social media giant, but there's still plenty of flaws to fix.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey puts pressure on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Jack Dorsey has put a lot of pressure and focus on Mark Zuckerberg's decision to let any political ads run on Facebook.

China, Iran joining Russia with 2020 election hacks

China and Iran are joining Russia in attempting to hack the 2020 American elections as Twitter bans all political ads.

Facebook ready to pay out $5 billion plus Trump’s Twitter meet

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook readies itself for a $5 billion FTC fine while Donald Trump met with Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

Social media making headway on fake news but no winners yet

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been fighting hard against fake news and hate speech for two years now, and with the mid-term elections coming up, why haven't they been able to control this war?

ScreenX latest theater fight with Netflix plus social media growing pains

Theaters are trying to lure Netflix users off the couch and back into theaters with ScreenX that provides a 270 degree immersive movie experience and social media titans Facebook and Twitter are still facing mounting growing pains.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey defends Alex Jones, Infowars freedom of speech

InfoWars Alex Jones has been getting the media attention he craves with social media platforms pulling his accounts. Now that Twitters Jack Dorsey isn't following suit, he loses some steam claiming all of corporate America is out to get him.

Twitter seeks help, YouTube mess and Vero vs Instagram

Social Media News: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seeks help with civility while YouTube has a major stumble with human moderators, could Vero overtake Instagram if they can get their stuff together? Spotify hopes to overcome problems with Wall Street IPO.

Twitter cracking down on hate speech, but will it go overboard?

Twitter has their heart in the right place when it comes to wanting to stop hate speech online, but it's a fine line when it comes to attempting this which almost always ends in failure or lawsuits.

ISIS Marks Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Not allowing terrorists the use of your site and services can be deadly. No Wonder Tim Cook won’t cooperate with the FBI. Just read the message below.

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