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Donald Trump proves history means nothing fact check

Donald Trump has already proven that facts are irrelevant, but even when he is scripted, history is meant to be changed to suit his...

Getting Donald Trump’s facts right on North Korea, Iran, and tariffs

As Donald Trump tries to distance himself from his 'open for business' comments on ABC News, he spouts new facts that don't add up. Here are the real facts.

California sues Trump administration while Iran War fears greet Congress

After Donald Trump pulled $1 billion from California, it's not surprising that they've now sued him for that action while Congress met with officials...

Fake News: Iran’s $150 billion, Illinois taxes and listeria outbreak

Hottest fake news stories included a national listeria outbreak, Justin Trudeau installing a United Nations flag in Canada, Donald Trump's $150 billion Iran claim, and no kneeling at George Bush funeral.

How hard is it to hack America’s energy grid?

Much has been made about how vulnerable the energy grid is in the United States by the mainstream media, but is it really that easy for Russia, Iran or China to send us into a massive blackout?

Getting Donald Trump’s facts right on Iran’s nuclear deal

Donald Trump adds sanctions to Iran, but wisely leaves the Obama-era deal intact. How accurate are his Iran nuclear deal facts though?

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