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Tech Bits: Alexa beats Cortana and Nintendo dominates gaming

Tech Bytes: Physical keyboards aren't obsolete yet, Intel has a patch for that CPU meltdown problem, Alexa has beaten Windows 10 Cortana and Nintendo dominated gaming in 2017.

A New Graphics Card Can Save Battery Life & Extend The Life Of Your Computer

People are keeping their computers much longer now, but having the right graphics cards can allow you to keep it even longer.

Technology at a crossroads: Change is coming again

Change is coming. It’s a popular phrase lately in the Philippines when Donald Trump-like candidate Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency. The man is known as the Dirty Harry of the South.

Intel walks out on mobile

My kids got a cheap tablet for Christmas courtesy of an aunt. The tablet may be cheap but its way better than all those other cheap tablets China keeps churning out. What makes it different? It’s Intel-powered.

Future Of Electronics Industry 2015

The electronic industry has been steadily rising in the last twenty years except a few ups and down. Even in the recent years also they have made quite e marked rise in the market

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