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Mariott Hacked, U.S. Army goes HoloLens and Instagram closes friend circle

Mariott hack biggest ever in corporate history, U.S. Army puts Microsoft HoloLens on market and Instagram making those friend circles even tighter.

Google’s Daydream becomes virtual reality

Technology really finds its way into various aspects of our daily lives. It’s easier to get a ride now anywhere through Uber. There used to be imaginative board games like Dungeons and Dragons

Is Microsoft on the Way Back to Coolness?

When was the last time the world thought that Microsoft was cool? Probably ages ago when they enabled Apple IIs to run mainstream business software with SoftCard. Another was when they invigorated the PC industry to the GUI with Windows 3.0.

DARPA: Do A Robot Pitch for America

Wouldn’t it be great if your idea for a giant killer robot could come to life? Yes, Igor! It’s alive! Like Superman III’s Gus the hacker, developing a supercomputer incarnation of Braniac on paper napkins and cigarette wrappers.

Tablet Wars: The Empire’s Comeback

Microsoft has done it again. Last October 6, everyone was anticipating the new features of the Surface Pro 4, the new Microsoft Band, the Lumia 950s and possibly an update on the Hololens.

Apple, the Next Vector & Office Hololens

Apple has been in the limelight for some time now and has gained a significant market share of desktop and mobile users. Unlike the world of Windows, Apple’s reports of viruses and malware has been few and far in between.

Microsoft HoloLens: Just Another Gimmick Or Real Innovation?

(Tony) Stark raving mad is the first impression of many to Microsoft’s new holographic technology, known as Windows Holographic. This technology was announced in their recent Windows 10 conference to the surprise of its attendees.

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