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Uber the Survivor

It's goodbye Gawker after Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit for a hundred million dollars with the help of billionaire Peter Thiel. It turns out that hundred million was what Gawker was mostly worth so the company had to shut down

Peter Thiel is out for young Silicon Valley blood

Fresh from killing Gawker, Paypal co-founder, Facebook investor and Hulk Hogan lawsuit sponsor, billionaire Peter Thiel is still out for blood. He wants to suck the blood out of young people in Silicon Valley

Hulk Hogan sex tape jurors feel good with Gawker decision

There were six Florida jury members who felt Hulk Hogan was right in his lawsuit against Gawker Media over the online publication of a sex tape say they believe the ex-pro wrestler was emotionally distressed over the incident.

Hulk Hogan sex tape trial won’t affect First Amendment laws with Gawker appeal

After Hulk Hogan was awarded a win against Gawker for publishing a sex tape starring him and his friend's wife, the media began professing that it could be the end of First Amendment laws and so forth.

Hulk Hogan sex tape case gets punitive round with Gawker

Hulk Hogan isn't done with his sex tape case against Gawker as the jury returns on Monday for the punitive damages round. This case has been an interesting one as it could set the precedent for celebrities being treated more like real human beings

Hulk Hogan makes sex tape killing but Gawker appealing trial ruling

Hulk Hogan might have won this round against Gawker publishing his sex tape, but with the unsealed documents, the gossip site will easily get an appeal and more than likely reverse this decision.

Hulk Hogan’s manhood shrivels up during sex tape trial

Hulk Hogan proved in the courtroom during his sex tape leak trial that he's all mouth like many men when it comes to boasting about their nether regions. On the stand where you must tell the truth (or at least the closest you can get to it)

Hulk Hogan sex tape left him feeling invaded after leak

It felt more like Hulk Hogan helped promote his leaked sex tape which appeared on Gawker a few years back. When the new site published the short video, it raised a slight ripple

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