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Marvel Mishandles Diversity

Marvel Comics is currently doing damage control. The brand that can do no wrong in film is having problems in print. The damage control situation stems from a statement by Marvel Comics Vice President of Print

Lee Daniels diversity views are hard to swallow

Lee Daniels is the latest Hollywood heavyweight to lend his two cents on the subject of diversity and his views are a hard pill to swallow; mostly because it’s an incomplete perspective.

Oscar’s Diversity Problem reaches further beyond Academy

The lack of diversity in the Academy Award race has been something that's been brought up time and time again over the decades, but nothing ever gets resolved. Back in 2001, the Academy congratulated it profusely for having Halle Berry win for "Monster's Ball" and Sydney Poitier received a special award

Matt Damon’s D For Diversity

Hollywood is a cutthroat industry. Even people who aren’t in it or who don’t aspire to be know this to be true. It is especially hard for women and equally (some argue more so) for people of color.

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