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Tags Cybersecurity

Tag: Cybersecurity

Donald Trump cracking down on hackers with cybersecurity EO

While President Donald Trump is using his pen on hyperdrive signing all of his executive orders, he's adding cybersecurity to the mix to fend off hackers today. It will commission a review of the federal government defenses

Russian malware found at electric utility has U.S. cybersecurity re-examined

Times have certainly changed in America where in the past if there was a threat of national security, it was treated seriously. Now truth doesn't matter as much to President-elect Donald Trump who continues denouncing facts

The Intelligence Committee’s Door Chain

Door chains are a must have when it comes to home security. It’s basically a last line of defense to keep an intruder or someone unwelcome from barging into an unlocked door. In the US Senate Intelligence Committee, one senator metaphorically acted as that door chain to keep a potentially dangerous bill from passing in the Senate.

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