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Superheroes: Searching for real entertainment

Has the Golden Age of Superhero Movies Overdone Itself?

What Everyone Else Needs to Know About ‘Suicide Squad’

The trailers for DCs upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie promises to give viewers a potentially better movie than "Batman V Superman." But that can’t happen if casual moviegoers don’t know what they’re about to watch

Harley Quinn Could Beat Batman and Joker to the Box Office

"Suicide Squad" is still months away but fans are eagerly awaiting it despite their soul-sucking experience from "Batman V Superman." Why? Humor. The Warner Bros. DC cinematic universe needs a little humor.

Where Some Modern Superhero Movies Failed

According to several websites whose representatives have had the immense pleasure of watching Captain America: Civil War, the movie was awesome. I’ll be providing my own review of the film in the days to come. They have trouble comparing the film to Captain America: Winter Soldier

Kendall Jenner Vogues into Snapchat & Henry Cavill responds to Batman vs Superman negative reviews

In the April issue of Vogue, model Kendall Jenner opened up about how she handles all of her different social media platforms. In the interview Kendall revealed that she tries to not “do too many posts”

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