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Surprise! FBI finds nothing in Hillary Clinton emails, case closed again

In a case of too little, too late, FBI Director James Comey announced on Sunday that the latest probe into Hillary Clinton's emails had led to nothing found.

FBI James Comey ignored DOJ concerns about Hillary Clinton investigation

Over the weekend it's been discovered that the FBI actually knew about the additional Hillary Clinton emails for weeks although James Comey said it had just been brought to his attention.

Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation and what to expect

Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be quite the teflon lady when it comes to dealing with scandals, but one of the most persistent ones has risen it's ugly head again. This time it came from the most unlikely of placed, Anthony Weiner's computer.

Now Anthony Weiner sticks it to Hillary Clinton with FBI

Hillary Clinton has gotten used to scandal after scandal coming out during this election process, but now Anthony Weiner has pulled her back into the FBI's e-mail investigation.

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