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MMA Weekly: Chad Mendes fails USADA drug test and Anthony Pettis drops to Featherweight

UFC featherweight star Chad Mendes has failed a random USADA drug test, reports are indicating. At this time, further details of the failure’s nature—substance, amount, etc.—aren’t available.

Most Overated MMA Fighters of 2015 & 2016

As is the case with athletes of every sport, certain fighters of the MMA world have an unprecedented amount of fans and hype behind them. While this hype and support is sometimes justified, certain instances of an overrating

August UFC Rankings 2014

UFC rankings for August 2014 with Demetrius Johnson the champion.

2014 Baddest & Best UFC Fighters

Here are the top 10 baddest UFC fighters of 2014. MMA UFC is growing leaps and bounds and the fighters are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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