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Amazon Echo: Protect yourself from Alexa’s prying ears plus Uber fraud watch

Amazon Echo Alexa has freaked people out after recording a couple's private conversation and emailing it out to a friend so MTTG has got some ways for you to protect your privacy easily. We also are reporting on another Uber fraud people need to be aware of that's growing quickly.

CES 2018: More AI and smart consumer gadgets

CES 2018 has plenty of great TV's like LG's new 88-inch 8K display but many smart gadgets are centering around your voice.

Apple pushes into Amazon, Google territory with HomePod

It seems Apple has taken a backseat latest with innovative tech gadgets, giving Microsoft, Google and even Amazon a leading edge into home AI.

Just what does Amazon Echo listen to and store?

When Amazon first premiered their Echo, people were amazed at how it could do so many things and make your life easier, but they didn't think any further than that.

2015 Hottest Tech Geek Holiday Toys & Gadgets

It's alway a great time to geek out, but the Christmas and the holiday season make it an extra special time to really live it up. It’s that time of year when every manufacturer unloads everything they had up their sleeves onto unsuspecting customers making you feel like a little kid again

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