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Alicia Witt and Charles Martinet Northern FanCon panels

Yes, Supernatural convention fan attendees will recognize that line from the final song that Louden Swain plays at Supernatural’s Creation conventions, a paraphrase of R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World. However, it works.

Northern FanCon Day 2: Mario, Karl Urban, Flash Gordon and Alicia Witt

I absolutely had to lead my day 2 review of Northern FanCon with that quote, because it really struck a chord with me.

Northern Fancon Day 1: Alicia Witt and Kevin Sorbo

Carol Hansson talks on her Day 1 experiences at Northern Fancon 2017 with Alicia Witt and Kevin Sorbo plus some fun cosplayers.

Alicia Witt bringing all her talents to 2017 Northern FanCon

Okay Cosplay and Northern FanCon fans, it's that time of year again already! For the third year in a row, fans of shows like The Walking Dead, Supernatural and The Arrow

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