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Cyber Monday 2019: Absolute Hottest TV deals 4K, HD, Soundbars

4K and HD TVs are high on the list for Cyber Monday 2019 deals so here are the absolute best deals you can get for top quality.

Sony PS5: Everything you absolutely need to know

Sony has tried keeping the PS5 information quiet, but weve got all you need to know about their next gaming platform. Plus some info about Microsofts Project Scarlett.

CES 2018: More AI and smart consumer gadgets

CES 2018 has plenty of great TV's like LG's new 88-inch 8K display but many smart gadgets are centering around your voice.

CES 2017: Bigger, thinner 4K tvs while 8K creeps in

CES 2017 is here so all you tech geeks know it's time for the International Consumer Electronics Show, which sounds a little dated now with that name. This year may finally bring 4K to the mainstream public

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