‘Supernatural’ expands universe with ‘Wayward Sisters’

It's time for the 'Wayward Sisters' to get their 'Supernatural' spotlight.

Nothing noteworthy has happened so far since the closing of Supernatural Season 12. Fans don’t need to worry since the early announcement of Season 13 and the confirmed 13th season allowed the season to end on a sad and creepy cliffhanger. RIP Rowena and Crowley, but we know Castiel is coming back. Despite that sad news, we are very happy to find out that Supernatural may not end on a 300th-episode high note as a spinoff is on the way as first reported by Deadline, then tweeted by Misha Collins (Castiel) and later tweeted by Kim Rhodes. That spinoff will involve fan favorite character Sheriff Jody Mills, her adoptive daughters Claire Novak and Alex Jones and Sheriff Donna Hanscum. Wayward Sisters will start out as a backdoor pilot within Season 13.

Fans have been imagining and speculating possible spinoffs to the successful Supernatural franchise in case the brothers decide to hang their flannels and actually drive back to the US sunset. Potential spinoffs include a buddy cop series with Castiel and Crowley (both dead but Castiel’s expected to return); a prequel series with Bobby and Rufus (We can call that Supernatural Grumpy Old Men); there are even fans of the Witch Twins who debuted in the Asa Fox episode and finally a female version of the series fans referred to as Wayward Daughters (after Wayward Sons) starring Sheriffs Jody and Donna. Wayward Daughters is happening but was instead reported as Wayward Sisters. Wayward Daughters sounds better, and The CW still has time to change their mind.

its time for the wayward sisters to get their supernatural spotlight

Would it work this time? If you would recall the Season 9 backdoor pilot Bloodlines that wasn’t picked up. Never really had a taste for their blood, honestly. Why is that? Unless Sam and Dean decided to stay in their part of Chicago, that series can’t stand on its own, related to Supernatural it may be, because all the characters are new. There is no attachment to Supernatural whatsoever except for the characters being shapeshifters and werewolves and the prospective Romeo/Juliet/Twilight plot. What made Star Trek Deep Space 9 work was its Captain Sisko’s involvement in the battle of Wolf 359, his loss there and his conflict with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Deep Space 9 also takes away transporter chief Miles O’Brien from the Enterprise to become chief engineer of Deep Space 9, so there’s a TNG mainstay within the cast. Worf was added later in the seasons. This time, Supernatural Wayward Sisters will be backed by beloved fan favorite Sheriff Jody Mills.

As reported by Deadline, Kim Rhodes has been confirmed, but if Sheriff Jody is in it, it would make sense for Claire and Alex to be included as well, and hopefully Sheriff Donna down the line. Sheriff Donna may have yet to become a full-blown hunter as she wasn’t on the British Men of Letters list of hunters. To fully cement this spinoff’s attachment to Supernatural, we’ll be needing a Winchester. That would be Mary Winchester.

While going through tweets and comments sections, reception to Mary for Season 12 has not been overwhelmingly positive, that the showrunners didn’t really know what to do with her. In Wayward Sisters, she might serve a true purpose and will support her repressed hunter talents and instincts. Her enthusiasm in fighting the supernatural was cut short with the BMoL being evil and all. However, as per the end of Season 13, she’s stuck with Lucifer in the other dimension and might end up the same way as Sam and Adam as Lucifer’s torture toy. We’ll get her back surely as Season 13 moves along as it’s still difficult to gauge her true purpose in the show after being brought back by God’s sister no less. Was it simply to be brought back and be lost again like Adam or just to torture Dean emotionally?  Perhaps her being brought back in the first place is to test the waters on how fans will respond to a full-time badass female hunter.

Wayward Sisters is further proof that Supernatural loves and listens to its fans and went out of its way to create a spinoff that fans are hoping for.