Steph Curry Injury: Two weeks out for knee sprain MRI test reveals

UPDATE: 4/25/2016

Stephen Curry‘s MRI results are back, and the Golden State Warriors point guard showed no right knee damage, but he’ll be out for two weeks with an MCL (knee) sprain. Curry played in Sunday’s game against the Houston Rockets, but a slip on a wet spot on the floor took him out.

He was pushing himself with agility drills hoping to get back into the game, but the knee injury proved too much.

“Hopefully, he’ll be OK before too long. We don’t know,” head coach Steve Kerr told reporters after the game. “But I just feel bad for him. He’s been healthy all year long, and all of the sudden the playoffs start, and he’s had a couple of fluky things.”

Steph Curry left Game 4 of his team’s first-round series in the NBA playoffs on Sunday. It wasn’t an ankle injury that kept Curry off of the court this time, but rather a “tweaked” knee that was changed to a “sprained” knee. The injury did not prevent the Golden State Warriors from winning Game 4 as they defeated the Houston Rockets in a blowout, 121-94. In his post-game interview, Steve Kerr stated that “Andre (Iguodala) played pretty much a perfect game” while Draymond Green was huge in the third quarter.

The victory was key because, with the win, the Warriors increased their series lead to 3-1. That being the case, and with two games to come from Oakland if both are needed, Golden State are a near-lock for the second round of the post-season even if Curry’s injury ends up being serious enough to keep him out the lineup for a little while. While the Rockets were able to beat the Curry-less Warriors in Game 3, in Game 2 of the series Golden State won without their starting guard. Furthermore, prior to the Curry injury, Game 4 was close, and it only turned into a blowout after his injury.

Kerr, following Game 4, also said that Steph “couldn’t find his rhythm,” likely due to the missed time lately. But what the results from Game 2 and Game 4 show is that the Warriors will be a force in any game – Curry injured or healthy, out of rhythm or in-sync.

However, Golden State could still be in very tough in the second round against either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Portland Trailblazers if the Warriors do not have their best player. The Clippers and Blazers are in a tight series at this point, with Portland looking to tie things up at 2-2 with a Game 4 home win on Monday.

When it comes to the NBA playoff scheduling the next round is currently all “TBD” (i.e.,. to be determined). But helping Golden State out right now is the slow pace of the post-season. Game 5 of the Houston series will not be played until Wednesday, giving two full days for Curry to rest. However, if we take the Houston series as practically over, Golden State doesn’t have to worry about being at full health against the Clippers or Trailblazers until May. If those two teams went the distance, their Game 7 would be played on May 1st.

The second half of Game 4 between Houston and Golden State was pivotal. Had it gone Houston’s way and the series tied up at two, there would be little margin for error for Golden State. However, even if Curry’s knee is a week-long injury, then he’ll be ready for whoever his team plays in the conference semifinals.

Of course, even seemingly minor injuries can be more complicated than originally thought. If Curry is out for two weeks or longer, then that might give the Blazers or the Clippers a chance to steal an early-series game from Oakland in the second round. No doubt, Golden State fans, and all NBA fans are currently waiting for an update regarding Curry’s injury. On that matter, Kerr said that they would see what the MRI was like, something that will take place on Monday.