Steph Curry Defends Wife, NeNe Leakes Cool On RHOA & Omarion Quits

steph curry quick to defend wife ayesha 2015 gossip

Omarion and Arpyl Jones are quitting “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” NeNe Leakes is hedging her bets and kept her other NeNe from lashing out at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Steph Curry took up the Twitter fight for his wife Ayesha.

omarion arpyl jones quit love hip hop hollywood 2015 gossipOmarion and Arpyl Jones Not Returning to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

If you thought it a little suspicious that Omarion and his baby momma Apryl Jones were not at the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show, you were right to think so. According to her, they will not be returning for a third season next year. Apryl told Essence,

“We’ve never been worried about the ‘show curse’ because when we walked into Love & Hip Hop we were prepared for what they were going to put us in and they had a lot of respect for Omari and I. We knew we would be okay walking in and walking out.”

It is clear that the couple didn’t really fit the dramatic profile of the show. Maybe last season when Apryl was pregnant and had her issues with Omarion’s mother, but this season, the entirety of their storyline focused on their lack of sex after the she had the baby and Apryl wanting to get back to making music.

To say that their drama-less segments were refreshing goes against the grain of the show. There’s no doubt that Mona Scott Young is about ratings by any means necessary. So the real question then comes down to were Apryl and Omarion fired or did they leave the show willingly?

“In the second season they put me with a group of people but I got along with everyone. I don’t like to gossip or be in other people’s problems. There wasn’t much that I was going to give even if I were to be put in those [dramatic] situations and [the producers] knew that.”

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the two got what they needed from the show as Omarion’s music career has been revived.

nene leakes tones it down on rhoa 2015 gossipNeNe Leakes Cool on RHOA… Calls Out The View Hosts

Last night, NeNe Leakes appeared on Watch What Happens Next and was surprisingly… nice. It seems like a far-fetched idea for someone like her who clearly thinks she is above and beyond the other ladies (a lot of ladies) on the show. But when asked by Andy about various storylines on the show, she kept it classy and cool.

This was a surprise to a lot of people because she is more known for shade than for being nice, but don’t get it twisted, her new found peace can be lost the moment someone tries to come for her.

Along with giving her thoughts on the current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, when asked about the drama that took place on The View when she appeared on the show November 17th, she didn’t hold back. According to her, there were all kinds of shade and negativity thrown her way and she wasn’t having it.

When Andy asked, “What happened on The View” she replied,

“Oh, yes, honey. Let’s read The View. What do you need to know…Well, I didn’t see any of those ladies that’s on the panel until I actually walked on the panel. And I felt like they were not kind to me. I just…honestly, they weren’t kind. It’s not even ‘felt like.”

Most of the heat came from Joy Bahr who thought it nothing to ask NeNe some pretty rude questions, but Raven Symone apparently drank her cup of haterade that morning too.

“It was more than Joy…Now, Joy was definitely throwing a lot of shade, but there was someone else on the panel that threw shade as well, as far as looking me up and down. Now, we were live, so as far as what the cameras shot or showed, I don’t know. But I could tell you that there were a couple of people on that panel who were very shady.”

Talk about not holding back and in true NeNe fashion, she ended her take on the ladies of The View with some signature shade.

“I know all of them are tired: their hairstyles are tired, their makeup is tired. Whatever.”

 Steph Curry Defends Wife ayesha 2015 gossipSteph Curry Defends Wife after Twitter Backlash Over Modesty Comments

While Steph Curry didn’t respond via his own social media on what his wife said that sparked all kinds of hate and shade, he did tell reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude his thoughts, who then shared it via her Twitter.

“Steph Curry said all Ayesha did was express her style preference. It was not a judgment.”

According to Gold-Onwude, Steph is proud of his wife “because she stayed upbeat through the attention. She didn’t let the negativity in.”

Ayesha Curry commented on the state of fashion and how she prefers to wear clothing that covers her body because she believes it is for her husband. Women criticized her for everything from her slut shamming to accusing her of thinking she is better than women who choose to take their clothes off.

Haters! Don’t come for her because she told the truth. Have some class.