Stellers Le’Veon Bell channels Steph Curry on field

steelers leveon bell channels steph curry on field 2017 images

Stellers Le'Veon Bell channels Steph Curry on field 2017 images

Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell Says he’s the Steph Curry of Football

Le’Veon Bell is easily one of the most dominant players in the NFL. In his playoff debut Sunday, Bell rushed for a Pittsburgh Steelers franchise-record 167 yards and two touchdowns. During one drive, the Steelers ran Bell every play, marched down the field, and scored. He’s too good.

But is he revolutionizing the sport of football?

“I think I’m changing the game,” said a very confident Bell. “In that sense, I’m what Steph Curry is to basketball. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily think Steph Curry is the best basketball player, but he changed the game, so he’s going to always go down as being remembered. Now, everyone wants to shoot the three and shoot it from deep.”

Bell’s own game has changed quite a bit over the course of his career. In college at Michigan State, Bell brought a tougher, run you over style of running. With the Steelers, his game has evolved as he has become one of the most agile backs in NFL history. Bell is now able to take the handoff and wait for his offensive line to create a hole before accelerating on a dime through the smallest of openings.

Curry’s teammates have taken note as well.

“That patience he has as a runner has never been seen before,” said Golden State Warriors star and fellow Michigan State alumnus Draymond Green. “You had Barry Sanders who shook you out of your socks. Quick as grease. You had ‘the Bus’ and his power running. You have super-fast runners. But a runner with the patience he has? I mean, I don’t know if we’ve ever seen that. He’s a special runner who’s definitely transcending the game, and it’s fun to watch…I guarantee you; there will be some runners coming out—and there’s probably some in the NFL now—that’ll try to take on that technique.”

Maybe he is like Steph. Everyone wants to shoot long-range threes now, thanks to Steph’s high-percentage shooting. Let’s see if younger backs start waiting patiently for their chance to burst through the cluster and the line of scrimmage.