Star Trek: The Original Series Gold Uniform Laptop Bag Review: 2015 Hottest Geek Toys

star trek uniform laptop bag review images 2015

The list of official merchandise related to the Star Trek franchise is getting longer and longer. And they are also getting even better. One of the latest offerings is the Star Trek Uniform Laptop Bag.

How Much?

You will have to spend $49.99 to get your hands on this Star Trek-themed laptop bag from The Coop Shop.

Who Would Buy The Star Trek Laptop Bag?

It is a given that the first people that will be lining up to purchase the Star Trek Laptop Bag are the hardcore Trekkies, or the Star Trek fans. But they will not be the only ones. Anyone who is looking for a decent laptop bag will definitely appreciate the combined quality, style and functionality that the Star Trek Laptop Bag has to offer. Yes, even if they know next to nothing about the Star Trek universe.

star trek blue uniform laptop bag 2015 hottest geek toysThings We Like About The Star Trek Laptop Bag

Measuring 14 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches, the Star Trek Laptop Bag is the ideal bag to hold your 13-inch laptop or tablet, and still remain roomy afterwards.

But what makes us take note of the Star Trek Laptop Bag is the design. The main concept is taken after the Star Trek uniform. It has the custom Delta metal rivet, and on the side panels are the recognizable embroidered braid ranks.

The interior is padded, offering protection against impact for the laptop. It also has pen holders and extra pockets for various odds and ends. And here’s another plus: it features a custom Star Trek lining!

Customers may choose from three colors: blue, red and, our personal favorite, gold.

Things We Did Not Like About The Star Trek Laptop Bag

The Star Trek Laptop Bag is made of faux leather material. Granted, it is high quality faux leather, but we still would have wanted it to be real leather. Of course, a downside of that would be a higher price.

This bag can hold a laptop of up to 13 inches. Unfortunately, at present, that is the only size released. Perhaps, in the future, The Coop Shop will release sizes that can accommodate larger-sized laptops.


With proper care and handling, this product from The Coop Shop will surely last for a very long time. The Coop Shop also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as a 60-day return policy, on its products, including the Star Trek Laptop Bag.

Is The Star Trek Laptop Bag Worth The Money?

Star Trek fan or not, the Star Trek Laptop Bag is one nifty bag to have for your laptop or tablet.

Where Can I Buy The Star Trek Laptop Bag?

You will find the Star Trek Laptop Bag available for purchase in places that sell legitimate Star Trek-related merchandise. The safest and best place, however, would be one of The Coop Shop’s authorized retailers. Amazon is one such retailer. They offer huge discounts for their products, and will also let consumers save more by offering free shipping on most of their merchandise. Make sure to check here regularly for the best deals.

Final Thoughts For The Star Trek Laptop Bag

If you cannot wear the Star Trek uniform, the next best thing is toting the Star Trek Laptop Bag!