Seattle Seahawks Show Russell Wilson His Value With Percy Harvin Trade

russell wilson wins over percy harvin trade nfl

russell wilson wins over percy harvin trade nfl

What it must take for a NFL team to get rid of a superstar player. That is exactly what Percy Harvin is, a superstar offensive weapon. Seattle basically gave him away to the Jets for a 6th round draft pick at worst and a 4th rounder at best. Harvin had played great for the Seahawks and yes they were paying him a lot for his services. But he was no doubt living up to his contract and justifying what the Hawks gave up to Minnesota to get him.

Teams around the NFL would kill, yes literally if they could get away with it, for a player capable of scoring from anywhere on the field. And yet the Seahawks, defending world champs, simply gave him to another team. They didn’t give him to a division foe or even a team in their conference. They shipped him across the country to the AFC. Not to mention that the team he was exiled to has no chance of making the playoffs. So this move will not come back to bite Seattle on the field against a team helped by Harvin. But clearly they will miss his offensive production and game changing talent.

So what would make a team get rid of a serious playmaker? Ask Terrell Owens. He was one of the best receivers of the past 25 years and yet he bounced from team to team late in his career. His inability to get along with teammates made him less valuable, no matter how good he was on the field. The same could be said for Randy Moss at the end of his Hall Of Fame football career. These are just two of the most prominent examples of guys getting run off because of a bad attitude, locker room conflicts, insubordination, or all of the above.

Reports of Harvin stories started pouring in after the trade went through to the Jets. A pre Super Bowl fight with Golden Tate was just one incident that was an issue with Harvin. Although a body slam that was so vicious that a teammate reported that he “thought Tate’s neck was broken”, is no slight problem. But the biggest issue with Harvin was the potential for a blowup with quarterback Russell Wilson. According to reports there is some resentment toward Wilson for his player-coach image. He is actually so devoted to the game of football that some teammates are bitter, which sounds crazy. Be that as it may, there was fear that Percy Harvin could have made things bad for Wilson in the locker room. An NFL team, or any level team for that matter, can’t have players questioning their QB1. That is grounds for reprimand…..or in this case, grounds to be sent off the netherworld of a Jets team on a losing streak of six games. Russel Wilson is the face of the Seahawks, as any quarterback should be for an NFL franchise. No player, offensive jugger or naught, is going to be allowed to challenge that fact.

Percy Harvin would have been fine jerking with wide receivers like Tate, or any other player for that matter. But Russell Wilson is untouchable. He is one of 32 of the best quarterbacks in the world. IN THE WORLD PERCY! On top of that, he is one of the top ten out of 32. What does that tell you about messing with him Percy? It tells me that you overestimated your value to the Seahawks. And I hate that. I really do. Harvin was fun to watch as a Seahawk, but now he will be relegated to the back burner. The Jets are going nowhere fast and Harvin’s highlights will be irrelevant there. On the bright side, he can body slam Eric Decker and no one will care outside of Decker’s family. And he can belittle Geno Smith with no repercussions since Smith is the 32nd best(being generous) QB in the league. Don’t mess with Mike Vick though son, he knows how to handle himself.

The Seahawks just sent a message to others in their locker room. Do not furuck with Russell Wilson. Those too stupid to receive that message will suffer a similar fate as Harvin. Take note, Doug Baldwin…you are a irrelevant receiver who could be replaced with a phone call, nay, a text message. I would resist the urge to verbally confront Russell Wilson on National TV again. That is, if you like living in Seattle. Apartments are expensive in New York and there is not much to do in Jacksonville.