Season 5 GAME OF THRONES Revenge Themes To Be Resolved

ramsey snow torturing man with his package game of thrones 2015 revenge

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It’s been a long layoff since last year’s finale of Game of Thrones. It’s not easy to go that long without one of the best shows on television, but I have to admit we probably need a break to recover from all the carnage each season. Whether your favorite character got offed or just got knocked down the rungs by some unexpected plot twist, this show can take a toll on a viewer.

Many of us are looking for some revenge for what happened last season. There are some devious people in need of killing. Here are my top five characters that are in need of nasty deaths for what they did last year, not to mention prior seasons.

Spoilers galore are in this post so proceed at your own risk.

roose bolton killing john snow game of thrones red wedding revenge 2015

  1. Roose Bolton needs to pay for his role in the “Red Wedding.” He is now in possession of lots of power. However, that just makes him a target. I can see him departing the series in a number of fitting scenarios.The White Walkers could catch up to him or Stannis could be his downfall as he mounts another campaign on his way to the Iron Throne. The bloodbath that Bolton helped orchestrate will be hard to match so it would take a terrible face infection killing him over a month long demise to pay him back properly.

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  1. I’d hate to see Melisandre go personally, as she is very easy on the eyes and not shy at all. That said, she has perpetrated some evil shit in a short amount of time. The longer she stays around, the more atrocities she will have a hand in. I can see her killing Stannis’ young daughter in this new season if she is left alive for long. If she must be killed off, hopefully they will replace her with another hot lady that has similar “glass etching capabilities.”

ramsey snow torturing man with his package game of thrones 2015 revenge

  1. Ramsay Snow is a little bastard that went up on the totem pole last year after torturing Theon Greyjoy and impressing his daddy with his tenacity. This despicable character is disgusting to look upon and even more so to listen to. I don’t know how long he will last on this series. He seemed like a small time player that would be expendable, but you never know with Game of Thrones who will end up on the chopping block. Main characters could get their heads chopped off like Ned Stark just as easily as the nobodies like Ramsay.

cersei lannister revenge plots against for game of thrones 2015

  1. Cersei Lannister has been one of the most hateable characters in TV history. Her smug smile when Gregor finished off Oberyn was enough to make me want to climb through the TV screen to choke the life out of her. Good thing that I was unable to do so since I would have likely been killed fairly quickly myself. Now that Joffrey has been dispatched, she has to be on the most wanted list for Game of Thrones fans. A slow death at the hands of one of the Stark girls would be most fitting, but a scorching death by dragon fire will suffice as well.

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  1. I need to see “The Mountain” crumble in some kind of horrific death after what he did to Oberyn Martell. The “Red Viper”, before getting cocky, did a number on Gregor Clegane so the big man is not going to be the picture of health going forward. Maybe that will make him an easier target if someone has the guts to take him out before his recovery is complete. Probably not many takers after seeing that head squashing finishing move reminiscent of the worst Mortal Kombat finish imaginable.

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I’m sure there are going to be more injustices this season as Game of Thrones picks back up. So after a few weeks there may be another character that deserves a slow death as payback for what they do in season five. But for now, this list is full of deserving people that the Grim Reaper needs to visit.