Scott Disick fresh on tv, wrecked in real life & Orlando Brown protests arrest

scott disick fresh on tv wrecked in real life 2016 gossip

orlando brown arrested 2016 gossip

It was just a few weeks ago that we were reporting that former boy band singer Nick Carter was arrested after getting into a violent brawl at a bar in Florida. However, the spotlight has shifted to another former star that has gotten into some serious trouble.  Actor Orlando Brown, who you may recognize from his role as Eddie Thomas on Disney’s That’s So Raven, was arrested after he allegedly struck his girlfriend.

According to reports, Orlando hit his girlfriend sometime last month while they were parked in the lot of the Torrance, California police station. An eyewitness apparently saw the attack and said that they heard the couple arguing in the car prior to Orlando’s use of physical violence.

Following this, the witness went to the police station and reported the incident to the Torrance police. Several officers then went out to the car where Orlando refused to get out. Eventually, Orlando decided to comply with the cops’ request and was arrested. In addition, the Disney alum was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. A police officer at the particular station, Sgt. Kranke has confirmed with media that Orlando was subsequently charged with domestic battery, obstructing an officer and possession of narcotics.

Following the surfacing of this story, Orlando has posted numerous videos and pictures to his Instagram claiming that the court is considering dismissing the case. He also called out TMZ, the initial site to report the story, saying:

“Right when I find peace of mind, TMZ says its “ridiculing time”…so “allegedly” I beat my women up…and walked into Torrance jail with “Kristal Meth” on me…Brace yourselves for this one…”The devil is a lie I feel him breathing” Kanye said it best…It’s ok, though…Be sure to watch TMZ…This is an interesting one…Even to me! Real Talk!”

Nonetheless, even though Orlando is seemingly implying the story is untrue, he was still called to the Torrance courtroom to deal with whatever really happened.

Orlando Brown, Instagram posts:

orlando brown protesting girlfriend hitting 2016 gossip

Meanwhile, like Orlando, reality star Scott Disick is also going through a hard time. On the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians (which airs Sunday on E!), Scott is seen returning home from a short stint in rehab and is seemingly ready to mend his relationship with both his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian and his three young kids.

Scott Disick fresh on tv, wrecked in real life 2016 gossip

Unfortunately, it looks like a lot has changed since this episode was filmed, as Scott is once again on a downward spiral of partying and substance abuse. After yet another stay in rehab, Scott has been seen out-and-about the past few days in New York, openly drinking and partying all night.

According to a source close to the star, Scott was supposed to be attending New York Fashion Week – however, he has not followed through with his initial plans. The source explains, “Scott is still in New York, and he’s a mess again. From the minute he touched down, he’s been a train wreck. All anyone can assume is that he met with the wrong people – people who don’t really care about his well-being – and one drink led to another which led to another.”

Last week Kourtney and the rest of the Kardashian clan (including Lamar Odom) were seen attending Kanye’s album release party at Madison Square Garden – but Scott was noticeably missing. Reportedly Scott had come out to New York to be with his family and support Kanye, but last minute ditched the event and went on to party at 1Oak with some friends and young models. Unsurprisingly, several sources can confirm that “Kourtney is not impressed” and this is further cementing her decision to move on from her relationship with Scott.